The Drop movie

The Drop: a Competent Character Driven Crime Drama

Action, Movies - 6 days ago by Chris D'souza

The Drop has everything going in its favor. The director is an Oscar nominee, the writer is a distinguished author adapting his short story and the cast is solid. Thankfully, the film delivers on all accounts. The film is helmed by Belgian Michael R. Roskam, whose previous feature Bullhead brought read more

Revenge Green Dragons

Revenge of the Green Dragons: Too Bad to Be True

Breaking News, Movies - 1 week ago by Chris D'souza

The expectations from Revenge of the Green Dragons were high and why not. Coming from director Andy Lau, the maker of Infernal Affairs, and executive produced by Martin Scorsese (who won an Oscar for helming the Hollywood remake, The Departed, of Lau’s film), the film has solid pedigree behind it. read more

The Identical movie - ray liotta

The Identical – Mindless Propaganda Posing As a Movie

Movies - 2 weeks ago by Chris D'souza

Dustin Marcellino’s ‘The Identical’ has propaganda written all over it. It has been funded by the Messianic Jewish Alliance of America (the MJAA), but even if you didn’t know this, you can still guess the purpose and intent of the movie. Is it any coincidence that a movie that shows read more

The Kooks

The Kooks: Listen – Improvisation at Its Best

Music - 2 weeks ago by Chris D'souza

The British indie rock group, The Kooks, is back after a three year break with their fourth studio album, Listen, set to release on 1st September, 2014. The UK indie heartthrobs have made a brave leap by switching from their typical Brit rock style to electric church music, but that read more

Breaking Bad AMC

Emmy Winners Actually Worth Watching

TV - 3 weeks ago by Chris D'souza

The TV Academy has a history of ignoring under the radar shows when it comes to the Emmys. This can be said of The League, The Wire, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and many others. So, some people might feel that watching Emmy winners isn’t just worth their while. Well, read more

Robin WIlliams Instagram

5 Best Robin Williams Movies

Breaking News, Movies - 3 weeks ago by Chris D'souza

It hasn’t been long since the world lost a true comedy great, Robin Williams. The genial actor has millions of fans across the globe but some of them might not have seen some of his best work in small movies. Here is a list of the 5 best Robin Williams read more

Lets Be Cops crop

Let’s Be Cops – a Drunken Frat Boy Comedy

Comedy, Movies - 4 weeks ago by Chris D'souza

Some of the best comedies ever made have been based on characters working in law enforcement. Hot Fuzz, Beverly Hill Cops and Police Academy are a few of the instant classics that are excellent examples of what a cop movie should be all about. On the other hand, Let’s Be read more


Wish I Was Here: a Crowd-Funded Comedy

Drama, Movies - 1 month ago by Chris D'souza

Garden State was actor-director Zack Braff’s first feature, and after a 10-year gap comes his crowd-funded second feature Wish I Was Here. The movie is co-written by Zach with his brother Adam. When the film was stuck in a rut because of funding issues, Braff turned to his fan base read more