ICYMI: FOX Released Extended Trailer for ‘X-Files’ Series

TV - 1 week ago by admin

It’s becoming so real. Last night, FOX released a two-part trailer offering a sneak peek of the upcoming return of The X-Files. For some fans who have been waiting 13 years for this, the first image of Mulder will give you goosebumps. The two-night season premiere of The X-Files is scheduled to read more

Nickelodeon Brings Classics Back on ‘The Splat’ Network

TV - 2 weeks ago by admin

Nickelodeon has officially revealed the return of classic 90s shows on a new network, “The Splat.” After too many years of Sponge Bob Square Pants and other obnoxious kids’ shows, Nickelodeon is bringing it home with a new lineup of old shows that will be new to young kids. The TV Schedule read more

New ABC Comedy Series ‘Dr.Ken’ Premieres Oct. 2

Comedy, TV - 3 weeks ago by admin

ABC announces a new comedy series, “Dr. Ken” starring Ken Jeong, premieres on October 2nd. “Dr. Ken is a cranky but lovable HMO doctor trying to juggle medicine and parenting who realizes that even when he’s right, his unorthodox approach is often wrong,” from ABC press release. Ken Jeong is famously known for read more

Ardor: an Age-Old Romantic Drama

Movies, Western - 4 weeks ago by Chris

Ardor is an old Western styled romantic-action flick, directed by Pablo Fendrik, with a runtime of 101 minutes. A mysterious man emerges from the Argentinean rainforest as mercenaries slaughter a father occupying his land illegally and kidnap a poor farmer’s daughter. Ardor is a revenge tale set in present-day South read more

Gold Rush New Season Premiere on October 16

Reality, TV - 4 weeks ago by admin

Discovery’s top rated series, “Gold Rush,” kicks off its sixth season on Friday, Oct. 16. And this year, the tables have certainly turned. But who will come out on top? Via Discovery Channel press release: “Last year, Todd Hoffman rose from the ashes and brought his crew back from the read more

A Hard Day: an Electrifying Thriller

Movies - 1 month ago by DSouza

A Hard Day is a South Korean police thriller involving a routine cop landing in massive trouble after a normal hit-and-run accident. The movie thrives on cleverly plotted, poised narrative and flawless execution. Punctuated by multiple bone crushing combat scenes and car chases, the movie doesn’t rely on heavy-handed gore, read more

ABC Family Announces 13 Nights of Halloween Lineup!

TV - 1 month ago by admin

Mark your calendars because it’s the 17th annual return of ABC Family’s 13 Nights of Halloween and the official lineup for 13 nights of horror is here. Most of these “scary movies” are just fun, until you get into the midnight hours and that when the real horror starts! Check read more

Self/Less: a Half-Hearted Sci-Fi Thriller

Drama, Movies - 1 month ago by DSouza

Self/less is a sci-fi thriller starring Ryan Reynolds and Natalie Martinez and directed by Tarsem Singh. The movie’s runtime is 116 minutes and is rated PG-13. Premise A rich man on his deathbed goes through a life-changing medical procedure, allowing him to live in a consciousness of another individual. Not read more

Straight Outta Compton: N. W. A. Gets a Biopic

Drama, Movies - 1 month ago by DSouza

Those who grew up in the late 80s and early 90s would no doubt remember N. W. A. and the impact they had on the music scene. Straight Outta Compton attempts to tell their story. The movie is a full package of entertainment. It is part road flick, part gritty read more