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Reliving a Second Chance with Alexandra White of The Biggest Loser

9 years ago by Troy Rogers

A new season of The Biggest loser premiered on Tuesday, September 15 with 16 new competitors under the theme of second chances. As The Biggest Loser journey to a healthier lifestyle began, Biggest Loser fans saw the return of Daniel Lee from Season 7 to pick up where he left off in a second chance shot at becoming the Season 8 winner of The Biggest Loser. However, as the workout action began, The Biggest Loser saw 20-year old college student, Alexandra White, from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania step to Biggest Loser plate to compete in the last mile of the marathon from Season 7 before going on to find her place at the ranch and the gym in a quest for a second chance at changing her life.

After witnessing the collapse of her ranch mate, Tracey Yukich, in the mini one-mile marathon, the final weigh-in pitted Alexandra against 40 year-old Julio Gomez of Algonquin, Illinois who lost 13 pounds to keep youth and age below the yellow line. After a dramatic two-hour Season 8 premiere of The Biggest Loser it was Alexandra who was voted to return home by her ranch mates to become the first competitor to be sent packing from the new season of The Biggest Loser.

The following morning TheDeadbolt caught up with Alexandra on a conference call where the college student turned Biggest Loser contestant briefly filled us in her reaction to being sent home, the collapse of Tracey in the marathon mile, and her time on The Biggest Loser.

THE DEADBOLT: Do you think the rest of the contestants were right when they thought you would do a better job at home than Julio?

ALEXANDRA: I’m not really sure about that. But I know one thing that the other contestants really didn’t see, is that I do have a lot of drive and determination as an individual and not only things they saw that would carry over into me going home, which obviously it did, because I’m continuing to push on.

THE DEADBOLT: At the beginning, everyone was all smiles and cheering and then everyone’s face dropped when Tracy collapsed. What were you thinking when she was air-lifted off of the beach?

ALEXANDRA: I was very very scared for her. It was scary to see that. One of my fellow cast mates was already hurt right at the beginning and I just wished for her to have a safe recovery.

THE DEADBOLT: Do you workout every day?

ALEXANDRA: I work out six days a week, yes.

THE DEADBOLT: What has become your new favorite food during your healthy transformation?

ALEXANDRA: My new favorite healthy food I think would seriously be fish. I never tried fish before and on the ranch I got to try all different types of fish, plus halibut, and I’ve turned to that and it’s a great healthy alternative to meat.

THE DEADBOLT: What tools did The Biggest loser send you home with to continue your weight loss?

ALEXANDRA: Obviously the body bug, which is crucial to my weight loss personally, and some Biggest Loser products such as a food scale and a blender, which has really helped me. The food scale helped me with the portion control, as far as weighing my food, and the blender has also been a great help to make protein shakes after an intense work out.

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