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Guillermo del Toro Talks Tone of Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark

7 years ago by Troy Rogers

Ahead of the August 26 release of Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, filmmaker Guillermo del Toro spoke about his fear of the original 1973 TV movie that starred actress Kim Darby.

According to USA Today, director Guillermo del Toro recently discussed his love of horror and that the original Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark was the one horror movie that scared him the most as a young child. “It was something close to my heart for a very long time,” said del Toro. “My brothers and I would pursue each other in the house, saying, ‘Sally, Sally.’ We thought the movie was the most terrifying on Earth, and I want to honor what worked so well in that film.”

Although Guillermo del Toro only served as co-writer and co-producer on Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, del Toro detailed the elements he wanted to keep intact from the original. “We wanted to keep a more classic feeling, not edgy torture-porn stuff,” said del Toro. “It is almost an inventory of elements found in a classic scary film, but it is filtered through a very dark, almost fairy tale.”

Don’t be Afraid of the Dark stars Katie Holmes, Guy Pearce, and Bailee Madison.

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