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Jersey Shore Fight Thoughts from Vinny and Pauly D

7 years ago by Troy Rogers

Vinny Jersey ShoreAlthough the Season 4 fight on Jersey Shore between The Situation and Ronnie was only a heated moment of temporary anger, Jersey Shore cast members Vinny and Pauly D. revealed that the clash between the two Jersey mates was serious at the time. Earlier in the year it was reported that The Situation was left with a bruise on the side of his face as a result of a Jersey Shore scuffle with Ronnie while filming Season 4.

After the highly publicized Jersey Shore fight between The Situation and Ronnie recently hit the MTV airwaves, fans learned that The Situation received a bruise to the face after hitting a wall and not at the hands of Ronnie, as the press previously speculated. To learn more about what really went down between The Situation and Ronnie, MTV caught up with Vinny and Pauly D. to get their thoughts on the fight. “At the time it was pretty serious,” said Vinny, “now it’s hilarious to watch.” As far as how The Situation fared, Vinny revealed that it’s now just reflective fun. “He thinks it’s pretty funny too,” added Vinny. “They get over it pretty quickly; boys move on.”

As for how Pauly D. feels about the Jersey Shore battle, it’s more about reality as entertainment. “It’s fun! I love watching it,” said Pauly D.. “You want to know what’s crazy? … I watch it, too, ’cause I like to stay away from the drama, so I like to watch the drama [on TV].”

Check out Vinny and Pauly D. below as they share their thoughts on The Situation and Ronnie:


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