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Jennifer Lopez Clashes with American Idol Judges

7 years ago by Troy Rogers

American IdolNow that Jennifer Lopez is back on American Idol, Lopez revealed that the first spat between all three Idol judges occurred during a recent audition.

According to MTV, Jennifer Lopez called into the Ryan Seacrest radio show to vent her anger over a disagreement she had with Idol judges Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson, who felt a contestant didn’t have the talent to continue on American Idol.

“I think me, Randy and Steven got into our first fight,” said Lopez. “I got really, really upset. There was this girl that came in and sang and she was amazing, amazing. And Steven, as he will do when we’re doing our auditions, he’ll ask her for another song. I was like, I was surprised because I was ready to vote. I was like, ‘This girl is amazing.'”

Ryan Seacrest confirmed that it appeared Jennifer Lopez was visibly upset with the other judges’ decision to pass on the Idol contestant. “The thing I recognized from that scene,” said Seacrest, “was there was blood boiling for one of the first times. I really felt like your blood was boiling.”

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