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Friday Night Lights Series Gets Movie

7 years ago by Larson Hill

The popular football series Friday Night Lights will soon become a movie after the news of a new FNL film was confirmed by series star Connie Britton.

Us magazine reports that Friday Night Lights actress Connie Britton confirmed that a new Friday Night Lights film is in the works after executive producer Peter Berg revealed in August that plans were in the works to adapt the NBC series into a movie. “Pete is totally fired up to do it and I know Jason Katims is talking about writing a script,” said Britton. “I think it’s really a matter of getting everyone’s busy schedules aligned and making it happen.”

Connie Britton, who currently stars in the new FX series American Horror Story, also mentioned that she will do all that she can to bring her Friday Night Lights character, Tami Taylor, to the big screen. Interestingly, Britton was in the original Friday Night Lights movie and the series, which is now becoming a film.

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