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New Metallica and Lou Reed LULU Interview

7 years ago by Reg Seeton

Bowers & Wilkins released a new video of the Metallica and Lou Reed listening event for their collaboration album, LULU. In the newly released LULU video, Metallica and Lou Reed talk about making the album and the ideas behind it.

Although fans of Metallica and Lou Reed can hear LULU tracks in the background, two versions of the Bowers & Wilkins interview offer a brief glimpse into the making of the record and a more detailed segment on how LULU came to life.

In addition to thoughts from Metallica and Lou Reed about the artwork, LULU concept designer David Turner also discusses the origins of the visuals and how he found the perfect LULU. As well, LULU photographer Stan Musilek joins Turner in explaining the provocative visuals and how the Metallica and Lou Reed collaboration was born out of passion.

One of the the more interesting elements of the LULU interview occurs when Metallica front man James Hetfield and Lou Reed explain how they creatively filled the gaps between missing song elements.

LULU is available on iTunes now.

Metallica and Lou Reed – LULU – Short Interview

Metallica and Lou Reed – LULU – Full Interview

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