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Elizabeth Taylor Wedding Dress at Christie’s Auction

7 years ago by Troy Rogers

A display of Elizabeth Taylor owned items opened on Saturday at Christie’s Auction House in New York City. The Taylor display features over 200 items that will be up for auction on December 12, including Taylor’s very first wedding dress.

According to CBS News, a display of Elizabeth Taylor’s jewelry, clothing, and other memorabilia open on Saturday at Christie’s Auction House in New York where the public can view the items for a $30 fee donated to the Elizabeth Taylor Aids Foundation. The jewelry collection owned by Elizabeth Taylor includes a ruby and Cartier diamond set, a pearl and diamond necklace, and the Elizabeth Taylor Diamond, a thirty-three carat flawless gem.

Also up for auction will be several pieces of clothing worn by Elizabeth Taylor, including Taylor’s first wedding dress and costumes from the film Cleopatra.

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