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Top 5 Gifts for Justin Bieber Fans

7 years ago by Alison Cox

For all you last minute shoppers looking for the perfect Justin Bieber related gift (moms included), there are a slew of new holiday gift ideas on the market to choose from.  If you’re looking for that special something to give your friend, son, daughter or relative with Bieber Fever, Justin Bieber recently released his new Christmas CD, a Bieber board game already exists, Never Say Never is already on the market, girls can ask for Someday perfume, and there’s nothing better at Christmas for fans than a Justin Bieber doll.

Check out our Top 5 Gifts for Justin Bieber Fans:

Under the Mistletoe (Christmas Album, 2011)

Christmas classics and some new material, featuring Bieber with celebrity stars lending their talent to join him on new holiday tracks – Mariah Carey, Boyz II Men, Busta Rhymes and Band Perry.

Always Be Yours Board Game (8+ years)

A spin on truth or dare, in the Bieber version players can have fun performing crazy dares to win special kisses for Justin! Pick your favorite Justin Bieber game board and get ready to be silly! Prepare to act out those dares so you can collect those kisses faster than anyone else so Justin will Always Be Yours!
4 Game Boards
60 ‘Kiss & Dare’ Cards
50 Vinyl ‘Kiss’ Stickers

Never Say Never movie on a Blu-ray DVD combo pack

Justin Bieber: Never Say Never is a fan favorite and the biggest selling concert video of all time filled with live concert footage, interviews and insights. Warning: Scream meter reading – beyond measure

Justin Bieber’s Someday Fragrance
After the success of My World, a unisex scent, Justin Bieber launched this perfume for women called Someday. And if the sales are any indication of how popular Justin Bieber has become, Bieber can retire on Someday savings alone.

Justin Bieber Singing Doll

Really? Yes, really. With several to choose from, each figure plays a 30-second clip of a Justin Bieber song. The Bieber doll comes in an outfit that Justin wore in the song’s video. How awesome is that?

Whether it’s a doll, DVD or a board game, Justin Bieber is the fever that is sure to take over the household this holiday season. Submit.

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