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Will The Twilight Saga Work as a TV Series?

7 years ago by Nadya Vlassoff

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1The Twilight Saga was back in the news this week after Lionsgate purchased Summit Entertainment, the studio that brought the popular vampire series to life on the big screen. Following the purchase, Lionsgate CEO, Jon Feltheimer addressed the possibility of The Twilight Saga surviving beyond Breaking Dawn, the final film in the series that hits theaters on November 16. Although it’s still too early to tell if The Twilight Saga will continue after Breaking Dawn, fans could eventually see the popular franchise on television. In a statement following the purchase of Summit, Feltheimer did say that he would hope the series could continue as a possible television series given the success of the franchise.

So, will The Twilight Saga work as a TV series?

From a business standpoint for Lionsgate, it’s a no brainer. I mean, come on! The Twilight Saga has earned upward of $700 million with one more film on the way. But with The Twilight Saga as a possible TV series, my biggest concern is where things would go creatively since we already know the storylines of Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn. Creatively, it could be both good and bad. And if not wildly good, then The Twilight Saga on TV could be horribly bad. No one wants to see The Twilight Saga go out on a sour note with a bad TV series.

But let’s get this out of the way upfront, don’t expect a Twilight Saga TV series with Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart or Taylor Lautner. They’re too big on the big screen for the small screen and they have too many film projects in the works. However, a Twilight Saga TV series could land a few supporting Twilight Saga actors who are either already on television or would be in need of work. And this makes much, much more sense than trying to recast Edward, Bella, and Jacob. But recasting actors in film and television has been a fairly common practice in Hollywood for decades. so you never know. Imagine the uproar if THAT happened!

Stephenie Meyer already published The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner, a companion novella that continued the Twilight Saga world through the character of Bree Tanner, played by actress Jodelle Ferland in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. So we know that supporting characters may be the way go since Meyer already laid the foundation with Bree despite the “short” but significant aspect of the story.

Another, more obvious way to go would be to focus on Renesmee, the hybrid child of Edward and Bella from Breaking Dawn. A 15-year old butt-kicking Renesmee has TV series written all over it. Interestingly, in a 2010 interview with MTV, Stephenie Meyer addressed the possible future of The Twilight Saga stories beyond Breaking Dawn. “If I were to go ahead with the Cullen universe — and honestly I’ll do it for myself,” said Meyer to MTV. “Whether I publish it or not is questionable at this point, but the narrators that I would go ahead with … would be Renesmee and Leah. Probably about the age of five, which would be about 16 or 17 for Renesmee.”

But that’s just if Stephenie Meyer decides to write more books. And what about the previously scrapped Midnight Sun that Meyer shelved? Why not go this route for a Twilight Saga TV series? There are tons of possibilities.

Shows like The Vampire Diaries and True Blood have been extremely successful in tapping into the success of The Twilight Saga. Past shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel were huge hits that are still loved to this day. The Joss Whedon series created a huge cult following.

For now, I won’t hold my breath for a Twilight Saga television series. If I were a vampire, however, that wouldn’t be a problem anyway.

Do you think The Twilight Saga could work as a TV series?

What do you think?

Nadya Vlassoff joined The Deadbolt in 2009 and currently serves as associate content director and contributing editor. A former writer for the boutique apparel and accessories blog, Nadya has interviewed and worked with a variety of top names in pop culture, fashion, entertainment and sports.
  • Bstout99

    yes!yes! and Yes!!!

  • Josh18

    Not a fan of any of it, but I’d love to see just how popular it would be on TV. The hype on that thing would be massive. The first episode would likely break a debut record.

  • riverrat

    YES!!! I would never miss it…. my only concern is who would play the parts I doubt they could get all of them.. perhaps some, but not all…. UGH who would it be

  • Cme4mentmibde

    I think they should make more movies of it and if making a t.v. series have bells jacob and edward. Wouldn’t be the same if u put new actors/actresses in there!

  • lauralynn

    NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!!!!!  True fans of Stephenie and the Twilight Saga would never want a watered-down version of the Twilight universe and that is exactly what a TV series would be offering.  If you’re going to do something, then do it right. And doing it right means continuing the saga ONLY IF Stephenie continues to write more books and then making them into the wonderful movies that we fans have all come to know and love. Any other way is just unacceptable and we fans would reject it out right making your investment in Summit Ent. a costly mistake.

    • Thesheltonbunch

      But there again, if Stephenie could do a tv series, then maybe it would help her out.. I mean the books and movies are over unless by some written miracle she could continue with movies, I would much rather than.. But the thought of NOT haveing any twilight is horrifying… tooooo.

  • Teenwolf3cullen17

    no. no. no. Only if Robert, Kristen and Taylor are in it, if not then its not Twilight.

  • i feel like im split down the center on this. if it does become a tv series then Stephenie Meyer HAS to be the Lead Writer of the show. and then a part of me is like the movies are awesome just wait until SM makes another book, on the other hand that could be a few years from now. But also if it was a show they would have to re-cast Alice and Emmet because of the problems the actors had before they signed for Breaking Dawn Part 1 & 2. 

  • Blueberry

    um no if you’re goona continue it why not just do another movie??! thats stupid and everyone will hate it cuz the whole craziness of twilight is mainly over rob and taylor and theyd prob get writers so it prob wont b anything like twilight.. plz dont make this

  • Amber Leelee Hardin

    i am obsessed with twilight, but tv just seems… too… i dont know. i dont like the idea of this series. i would watch it, maybe, but it just seems wrong. NO ROB OR TAYLOR???


  • HarryPotter<3

    Twilight tv show?honestly, thats taking it a bit too far.
    Twilight is terriable and has no plot what so ever, imagine how a tv show would be?I now understand why the world is ending in 2010

    • Thesheltonbunch

      You, a Harry POTTER fan, think this is terrible?  Come on here, you should not have an opinion

      • Sierrajarvis_2008

         Thank you! Harry Potter is about a magical boy who goes to school in some made up place….. Twilight is about a girl who feels like she does not fit into her world but with Edward she feels like herself and she found someone she can love FOREVER!!!

  • Hailey

    Don’t do it. Making a tv series will do more damage than good. You cannot continue a story that is coming to an end. I love twilight, I really do, but there has to be a point where it is has to stop. Publishing Midnight Sun or other piont of views of the story is fine. The movies are done, that means no more. Even for midnight sun. We can’t go all the way back to twilight. Please leave the story be.

  • Thesheltonbunch

    As much as I loved and I do mean LOVED the Twighlight Saga, If the actors were played by someone else, it would NOT be the same.  I might would watch it, but I KNOW that it would not be the same.. It is the Chemistry that THEY together are, that make up this SAGA…

  • Jetisr

    Hell, no! It was bad enough the the absolutely awful series spawned four books and five even worse movies. A TV series would be the worst thing to happen to TV in it’s history. 

  • Jetisr

    Hell, no! It was bad enough the the absolutely awful series spawned four books and five even worse movies. A TV series would be the worst thing to happen to TV in it’s history. 

  • eliwillfer

    no n no…that means new cast, true fans dont need a tv series, the movie is recorded it  we can watch it whenever we want. a new edward, bella or even jacob wont be the same

  • Sierrajarvis_2008

    they should do another movie that show what happens between Renesmee and Jacob… I also would not mind if they showed more with Edward!!!

    • Sierrajarvis_2008

       i am a true twilight fan and i would like them to write the book if Stephanie is up to it and then the movie!!!! That is how it has been done for the past three and a half books!!!

  • In the first episode, Bella kills her 1st human by mistake, gets the taste for it and so flees to avoid hurting Renesmee. Bella’s faster than everyone because she has human blood, so everybody splits up to go looking for her.

    The second episode is focused on Alice who’s looking for Bella while at the same time we get to see ‘Lost’ style flashbacks showing her human life prior to being a vampire and how she dealt with her first kill. We learn that Bella’s found a way to use her Shield power to prevent Alice from seeing her path.

    Each episode after that follows a different member of the cast as they frantically search for Bella, all the while reflecting on their past and fleshing out their back story.

    Half way through the first season, the 2 draculas turn up and we learn the Volturi are aware that the Cullens no longer have a ‘shield’ and that they are divided, making them easier to attack than in Breaking Dawn Part 2.

    In the last scene of the penultimate episode of the first season, we get a cameo from Jacob saying he knows where she is and he calls Edward telling him to meet him there. In the finale, when they get there we learn that it was all a decoy by the Volturi and they’ve used the distraction to kill several of the bigger characters and they’ve kidnapped Alice.

    Season 2 is all about the Volturi. It starts with Carlisle rounding up his friends again but this time they are more afraid and hesitant to help. We see flashbacks of the evil deeds that the Volturi have committed in the name of the vampire law.

    I’d love how this show keeps us close to the main characters, without the need for a huge demand on the cast members. Hollywood stars are always doing cameo’s, these are just more meaningful.

  • smallvilee

    iam big fan of twilight all my friend are fan too