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The Biggest Loser: Adrian Dortch, “I would not change my experience”

7 years ago by Diana Daley

This week on The Biggest Loser, Adrian Dortch was eliminated from competition only a week after he and his sister returned to The Biggest Loser ranch. However, despite getting back on The Biggest Loser, Adrian had a tough time fitting in with his Red Team and found himself at odds with the other competitors at the ranch, namely Kim and Conda of his own team. Unfortunately, as soon as Adrian got back into The Biggest Loser competition, Dortch fell victim to the strong bonds previously formed by the Red Team.

So, how does Adrian feel now about his experience on The Biggest Loser and how things went down at the ranch?

When The Deadbolt spoke with Adrian Dortch the day after his elimination, Adrian was upbeat with a positive outlook.

“I believe my showing up, it might have been intimidating. To have your plans and then have someone thrown into the mix – I’m very strong. But my weeks at the ranch were excellent. I mean, I’m from Evanston, [Illinois], there are no mountains here. But I was able to go into the mountains and do Yoga and see all of L.A.. I had some of the best organic foods to eat and great trainers. The Biggest Loser franchise is awesome. Yeah, there was a lot of weird stuff that happened on the ranch, but I would not change my experience. Whatever doesn’t break you makes you stronger, and I’ve truly become stronger because of the experience.”

Adrian and Dolvett on The Biggest Loser

Although Adrian can now look back at his time on The Biggest Loser as a positive experience, it was clear that Adrian was frustrated with the show and those who had it out for him. And when it came to the elimination, it wasn’t a surprise that the Red Team chose to send Adrian packing from The Biggest Loser.

So why didn’t Adrian just get up and leave The Biggest Loser when he knew he’d likely be the one to go home? As Adrian told The Deadbolt, it was more about being prepared on many levels beyond the drama.

“I kind of figured either Roy or myself would be somebody they would be eliminating. With Roy being there longer, I just knew it was me. But I actually wrote a letter to my sister before we even went into the weigh in just in case there was a chance I was eliminated. It was a lot of stress being on the actual ranch just with that amount of confusion.”

At the same time, Adrian also added to The Deadbolt that he understood the health aspects of what was taking place as well.

“If you know anything about losing weight,” Adrian continued, “your Cortisone levels have to be low in order to lose weight. There are three factors: nutrition, the work out, and how you’re feeling. Your Cortisone levels have to be low. I had great weight loss success when I was at home.”

When looking back at The Biggest Loser drama and his former team mates who had it out for him, Adrian felt that he was a winner based on the progress he had already made prior to returning to the ranch.

“I’m continuing to have great weight loss success at home. Why everything went the way it did, you’d probably have to ask them. Other than that, I enjoyed my experience completely.”

What do you think?

Diana Daley joined The Deadbolt in 2010 as a feature contributor and interviewer. She currently covers The Biggest Loser on NBC and conducts the weekly exit interviews leading up to the finale.
  • Josh18

    Adrian got the shaft big time! He should have walked out. HUGELY embarrassing moment for The Biggest Loser.

  • Dcs287

    That red team is a bunch of winning cry babies. They were so rude to Adrian. Go for the win Adrian! You deserve it for putting up with that Conda and her clique of “family” friends. Poor Dolvett the trainer. He is just so good but that red team already are all losers.

  • Adrian still have a chance to participate the marathon and home biggest loser. Just don’t give up, and show the stupid drama red team see, Adrian can do better without the team. Red team will lost to black team, definitely with this kind of ‘ pointing-finger’ attitude. They 

  • Herbfellows

    Yep, he got the shaft is right. Unfortunately, he didn’t know enough to keep his mouth shut, because that’s how you deal with idiots. For instance, the idiot who said ‘well, you lost 11 lbs in 2 weeks, so that means 22 in 4 weeks, that’s not enough’.  Oh, really? That was total bs and he knew it.

  • Guest

    Seriously! Adrian, I wish you the best. It is best that you’re staying away from “characters” like Conda/Mark. I really couldn’t see the way you were treated. You did say very well towards the end – “don’t hug my sister”. Well done… I believe in you! Please work hard and kick these *****es!

  • Jk

    the red team sucks, I hope they crash and burn. Conda is a total b-tch.
    The whole team was horrible to him. I could hardly watch it.I hope the all feel crappy when they see how petty and horrible they were on TV. I hope he wins the home game.

  • Em78

     Adrian obviously has a wonderful full life…I hope and pray that he does not allow his experiences on television to mar his positive outlook on his life.  I say “good job Adrian, keep up the wonderful work and I will pray for you and your family”.  (P.S. I hope your sister does a great job as well…)

    • Shell1818

       Adrian and Daphne, you are not the biggest losers!!! You are both winners in my book.  Conda and Kim have ruined the Biggest Loser experience for those in the house and even the viewers.  I hope they get what’s coming to them!  Such ugliness!!!  I hope, when you rewatch the episodes, that you realize why you are so hated!

  • Poison9

    My husband and I watch the show and usually we love it and find it inspiring.  This season has just been very frustrating and instead of being excited to see the latest episode, my husband groans through the whole thing.  We think the treatment of Adrian was outrageous.  I used to like Dolvett, but I thought he handled the situation poorly, too.  Conda is a rotten person and so is Kim.  Season of excuses??!!! Look at those two!  And then Mark accusing Adrian of playing “games” — I literally wanted to pull my hair out that made so little sense.  Adrian, we are pulling for you and you sister to take home both big prizes!!!

  • Couture_gyrl808

    I think Kim and Conda are ugly on the inside, so with that being stated it doesn’t matter how much weight they lose. Beauty is skin deep and those two are ROTTEN to the core. I’m happy for Adrian that he can be successful at home away from people who were not willing to help him progress in his journey of losing weight. The only game players are Mark, Kim and Conda. Dolvett has a bunch of losers on his team. I wouldn’t want to say that I was THEIR trainer..How embarrassing!!!!!