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The Biggest Loser: Daphne Dortch, “We never had a chance”

7 years ago by Diana Daley

Daphne Dortch of The Biggest Loser

This week on The Biggest Loser, Daphne Dortch saw her time at the ranch come to an end after re-entering The Biggest Loser house with her brother Adrian.

Although Daphne and Adrian were sent home from The Biggest Loser in the season premiere weeks ago, both Daphne and Adrian returned to the ranch after losing 50 pounds. However, based on what fans of The Biggest Loser saw in recent weeks, Daphne and Adrian weren’t welcomed back into the house with open arms. As it turned out, Adrian was eliminated by his Red Team in a controversial exit that had many fans up in arms over how he and Daphne were treated.

Despite lasting two more weeks than her brother, Daphne was eliminated this week after making a key decision that turned the tables on Conda and her brother Jeremy. For Daphne, there was a sweet smell of revenge at the elimination table this week on The Biggest Loser.

So, given all of the drama that Daphne Dortch endured on The Biggest Loser, how does she feel now about what took place? When The Deadbolt caught up with Daphne the day after her elimination from The Biggest Loser, Dortch was reflective about her experience.

“It was nasty and there are always two sides to every story. We’re filmed 24 hours a day, so of course in 2 hours you can’t possible see everything that goes on. But as far as how everyone reacted to us in the house, I believe we never had a chance.”

Despite being sent home from The Biggest Loser in the first episode under a collective air of inspiration and hope from their fellow contestants, it was surprising to see how the ranchers turned so quickly on Daphne and Adrian.

In a season of “no excuses” on The Biggest Loser, it was clear that both teams had excuses for not accepting Daphne and her brother.

“They knew whoever lost the challenge the first night that it was going to be very difficult for whoever came back. The people already in the house had bonded for a month before we even got there. So I think it solely came down to that they had formed a bond, even after my brother and I got back into the house.”

Although both Daphne and Adrian tried to rise above The Biggest Loser drama from their team mates, it was clear that taking the high road was a work out in itself.

So, looking back on her return to The Biggest Loser ranch, how does Daphne Dortch think she and her brother did against the others who were already weeks into the gym. For Daphne, it was a seamless transition from home to The Biggest Loser house.

Still, after working hard to get back in the game, neither Daphne or Adrian received the proper recognition from their team mates.

“I also believe that my brother and I, we’re very strong people. It didn’t take us long to get up to speed with everyone else. The first day we were there, we didn’t pass out. The exercises were basically what we had been doing at home. So I think they also saw us as a threat.”

Now that Daphne is drama free and away from game to get back to Biggest Loser business at home, the show has had a positive impact on her weight loss and relationship with her children.

As Daphne revealed to The Deadbolt, her experience on The Biggest Loser was life changing in more ways than one.

“This part is THE best part. I’m 37 years old, I was at home living with my parents – not because I didn’t have money or couldn’t live on my own – and I was living in fear. I was living in fear every day. I thought every day I was going to die. I was uncomfortable sleeping by myself. I wouldn’t even go to sleep if no one was in the house with me. So, losing this weight, I’ve already won The Biggest Loser. I can sleep at night now. This is the best prize in the world to me.”

What do you think?

Diana Daley joined The Deadbolt in 2010 as a feature contributor and interviewer. She currently covers The Biggest Loser on NBC and conducts the weekly exit interviews leading up to the finale.
  • Josh18

    I so wanted to see Daphne win! Based on what we saw, and how she was treated, she doesn’t need to justify her actions. She and Adrian got a raw deal. The Biggest Loser is drifting too far into BS. This show has become a trash TV thanks to the behavior of both teams. I’ve seen 6 year olds who behave better and conduct themselves better. They should all be ashamed of themselves. Good on Daphne for getting the last laugh and going out with her head up!

  • Xycj

    daphne was stupid and got what she deserved

  • KeepingitReal

    Well, this show has lost a viewer for the remainder of the season.  First of all, Conda is a huge manipulator in the house on BOTH teams.  She got the red team to turn on Adrian and got the black team to turn on Daphne so yes both groups of people with the exception on Chris on the black team are WEAK!!  How you let this young immature girl manipulate everyone on BOTH teams?  Everyone in that house except Chris has a weak mind.  And no Im not going to hide facts I will keep it real.  Most of them did not want black contestants in the house.  Yes I said it!  Kim seems like a big racist!  Now let me say what Daphne did wrong.  Lets start out with Bad choice #1:  She made a huge mistake in eating all those peanut butter cups to win the challenge because she was scared someone was going to put her on the red team so they can eliminate her too.  Bad choice #2: She ONLY moved Conda and her brother to different teams and put Conda on the same team she was on.  What a bad move!!!  That only backfired against her when Conda manipulated everyone on the black team with the exception of Chris to slack up that week so they can eliminate her in the elimination room.  Plus, she didn’t think when she had the control to switch up teams and only made that move when she could have also moved two men from the red team to the black team for two of the women to go to the red team.  Moral of Bad Choice #2:  No teamwork in that effort!  That was what caused the black team to turn on you!  Bad Choice #3:  Daphne didn’t concentrate on herself, she was concentrating on trying to get revenge on Conda only to put herself in the line of fire!  And also gained two pounds at that!  Until those weak minded individuals get it together, Conda will get far when she should have been eliminated!  Kim can do what she is doing at home.  The others need it, she doesn’t.    Kimmy should have been eliminated a LONG time ago.   Her and her daughter Megan did not have good numbers week after week!  This is by far the worst season of Biggest Loser and I care not to watch anymore of it.  Seasons 11 with Hannah and Olivia were good.  They were nice people… Season 12 with Ramon, Vinny, and Antone motivated me even though Im already athletic 6’5 235 lbs of muscle.  This Season 13 is piss poor!

    • Mrs. L

      I agree!!! I will not be watching those people for the rest of the season either!!! I grr wit our point that they were voted off because they were black!!! Every season the black seems o get booted off!!! It sucks but it’s TRUE!

      • Mrs. L

        That should read “I agree with your point….”

        • Josh18

           Nice one!

  • aligator

    By far the worst biggest loser season. I hope these people get smart and send Conda home. Biggest manipulator ever. Adrian never stood a chance. Her decision to pick on him was arbitrary. The reasons she had for despising him were total b.s. The youth pastor is the #2 worst and Kim comes in #3 for bad behavior. I am sorry for Chris, Buddy, Cassan dra, Megan, Chisom, Kimmy and even Conda’s brother. What a disservice to be on the show with the evil 3. Really though Conda alone was enough…when are the contestants gonna get smart and boot her off!! Poor Bob, now he has to deal with her.

  • aligator

    P.s. Daphne we love you!!!! Keep going! …forget about anaConda, she could squeeze the joy out of anything. Be glad u are free of her!!!

    • Anonymous

      That is a great way of putting it, love it!

  • Birds_blooms

    I think it was ridiculous Bob made Daphne “out” herself to everyone, then he said nothing to her teammates that threw the game?  Conda is just a beotch, and I hope she goes soon. I agree, it’s getting too phony.

  • Ikaties

    I thought it was interesting that Daphne used the “I wanted to keep Bob” excuse when she was finally coming clean… That was already the motive for other people.  She wanted Conda on her team so she could vote her out… plain and simple!  BTW:  a 2 pound gain?  really?  She deserved to go! 

    I am really amazed that people think Daphne and her brother got a raw deal.  They are lucky to be part of the show at all!  I don’t see any member of either team plotting revenge for voting their partner off!  How stupid!  Stupid is as stupid does, Daphne!

  • Lmrscheff

    Its really too bad that Conda feels she needs to manipulate people to get ahead in life.  I continue to pray for her and Kim and the youth pastor as they are the ones in real need of some help.  Help mentally, physically and emotionally.  Daphne and her brother will come out on top of all of this mess. I like the way Daphne played the game this week.  Only thing I would have never ever outed myself no matter what Bob said. I’m so dissappointed in Doulvett and Bob this season.  I know alot of this is for TV and drama but I have lost my motivation and dont plan to watch again until finale.

  • KeepingitReal

    Point is that mostly EVERY contestant in that house is WEAK MINDED INDIVIDUALS that is letting Conda manipulate and get over on them!  Some people think Conda is a role model…. My answer to that is a role model for manipulators in training!  Bob did not jump on the rest of the black teams asses for throwing the weigh in purposely, but only jumped on Daphne!!  Worst season ever!!  If I was in their position, I’d wouldn’t want to stay in a house with LOSERS IN LIFE PERIOD!!  I’d get too stressed out dealing with people who can’t accept me.  Racism is still alive!  Some white people think they are much better than black people, but there are some respectable white people who think of black people as equal people as well!

  • Librasnake333

    This brother and sister never had a change, they were invited back, that was so awesome. They were treated badly as human being!!!!!!!!! From day one people in the house were so mean to them both.
     I hope that they win! I wish them good luck and be strong,don’t let them get to you! be strong!!!

  • BiggestLoserWakeUP

    I missed this week’s episode, but just reading the recap is absolutely mind-boggling. Daphne did phenomenal last week when she beat Conda. This is ridiculous. Seriously. Biggest Loser should’ve given Daphne and her brother immunity for the first couple of weeks since it was obvious that the teams had built a bond. This show used to be about changing people’s lives. When did this turn into a TV drama?!?!!?

  • Reyna22

    I have watched every entire season of the Biggest Loser, in the beginning they seemed to have to search for drama, then they realized it was about losing weight and changing lives.  I loved it! This year they went back to drama and they didn’t even have to search hard to find it.  Conda is an immature brat and I feel sorry for her daughter. Kim has the most evil eyes of anyone on the show. I pity her children also. They hurt Daphne and Adrian’s entire family and I don’t blame them for making the choices they did.  The contestants were given so many gifts by being picked for the BL, a once in a lifetime experience, knowledge, training, medical advice, the chance to live longer healthier lives and so much more.  The contestants who were lovable in past episodes but didn’t win, went on to bigger and better things.  I love the fact that Conda, Kim and the other evil contestants will never have a wonderful opportunities presented to them.  

  • Anonymous

    My trainer Michelle pointed out to me what a brilliant move Daphne made on the show, maybe Conda now that she is on a new team will find out what it feels like to be an outsider now that she is on a different team. I hope that Daphne wins the Biggest Loser at home challange, You go girl!!

  • Wvugrad

    Can’t believe Daphne thought she and her brother didn’t have a chance.
    Adrian was an annoying loud-mouth whose personality did not mesh with anyone other than his sister so of course he got the boot. Same as the annoying gay guy on Season 2, but instead of saying it is because you are gay or black own up and admit you were kicked off because you have an annoying personality.
    Conda is a manipulator, but it’s not manipulation when the contestant in question is an annoying ass. For all the people playing the race card, ask yourself if you wouldn’t have done the same thing to the ascot wearing loud mouth and his sister who ate 1900 calories to try and remove a player for personal reasons. They came in being all cocky and annoying and got what they deserve

  • Bocki4

    Daphne nor her brother had a chance. From day one when they got back on the ranch they weren’t accepted. Condo might be the most ANNOYING person ever on the show. Seriously she is immature, disrespectful and manipulative. And to say she is trying to set an example for ger daughter is a complete joke. That little pumpkin is likely more mature than her mom.

  • Nazirah

    Daphne you had so much control, I would of slapped the messed out of Condra.  She was the one behind all the other losers going against you.  I liked you and the best of luck with your continued weight loss.

  • Anonymous

    Again the Best to you Daphne.  I know at home you will be able to handle the struggle with less stress.  I don’t think think you have an attitude problem if if you do, go a head girl.  I have put on weight due to my medication and I am following the receipies from the show and if u find any other plez send them to me.

  • Xavier06

    Daphne chose lying and revenge… not something to idolize, her and her brother did nothing to make anyone want to welcome them, glad they are gone, off the show… Bye!