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Navigating The Amazing Race with Kerri and Stacy

7 years ago by Reg Seeton

This week on The Amazing Race cousins ‪Kerri Paul and Stacy Bowers‬ were eliminated in Bavaria after the girls fell victim to directions and their own navigational skills.

Although Kerri and Stacy had to say goodbye to their fellow competitors on The Amazing Race, both gave it their all this week when the CBS reality series touched down in Germany. When the girls had to go from task to task, getting around Bavaria became the biggest challenge of the race. It seemed like each time Kerri and Stacy found their groove, the map became their enemy.

So, what went wrong for Kerri and Stacy in terms of directions?

For Kerri, it was all about the obvious.

“It’s Bavaria, Germany and people speak German and we speak English. I think people there are used to tourists and shrugging you off to the hot tourist spot. Some of those spots weren’t where we needed to be.”

Interestingly, both Kerri and Stacy overcame similar challenges the week before but couldn’t navigate the streets to survive another leg of The Amazing Race. In fact, just when it seemed like the girls got a lay of the land, new directions would lead them astray.

For Stacy, getting a handle on directions in Bavaria was a bit more complex.

“Despite the fact that we’e showing you exactly where we need to be, we were asking the locals, ‘Do you know where this is?’ And we’re showing them in writing, black and white, exactly where we needed to go, they would send us to, say, the castle again when we were trying to go to the Pit Stop. So I do think in Bavaria there are customs and tourists and the fact that we were looking for a common local spot just really didn’t mesh well.”

At one point in the leg this week, Kerri and Stacy couldn’t find the real life fairy tale inspiration for Sleeping Beauty’s castle. In fact, Kerri and Stacey climbed a huge hill only to learn they were in the wrong place.

So, how did Stacy feel to get all the way up to the wrong castle only to realize that the Sleeping Beauty caste was elsewhere?

For Stacy, as she told TheDeadbolt, things may have looked tougher on TV.

“It wasn’t so bad, because Kerri and I are athletic gals. When we realized that we were at the wrong castle, it was just on to the next one. We knew we were somewhere at the back of the pack but we knew that we could out-run and out-hustle anyone else in that portion of the pack. So we were just ready to keep it moving.”

Earlier in the leg, The Amazing Race teams were given the choice of styling Bavarian beards or building a gingerbread house. It was a choice that didn’t give the girls many options.

As it turned out, Kerri and Stacy chose the gingerbread house by default.

Had they been able to better maneuver the streets of Bavaria, things may have been different.

As Kerri explained, they wanted to try their hand at the beards.

“We definitely wanted to style the beards but we couldn’t find it. It was in a totally different town. We saw some of the other teams going to do the gingerbread house, so we figured there was strength in numbers. Like Stacey said, we felt we could out-hustle some of the other teams. For us it was just safer to do.”

Although both Kerri and Stacy had a hard time with directions on The Amazing Race, the girls revealed that the process at large was a huge challenge. Despite how easy things look on TV, the reality of The Amazing Race is much tougher on the body.

For Stacy, it was about putting it all together to run the most amazing race as possible.

“I definitely feel that the toughest part was time management, getting enough rest, eating right and having enough energy. What people don’t see is that you’re going for hours and hours and hours, maybe a day or two days traveling. As soon as you arrive, it’s like go time! The toughest part to The Amazing Race is time management and sleeping and eating when you can.”

For Kerri, running The Amazing Race was all about serving your brain well while staying strong both physically and mentally. Although directions became a problem, it was easy to become tired.

As Kerri revealed, it was a blend of mental and physical.

“You had to stay mentally strong. When you’re exhausted, it’s hard to think right to perform. Just mind over matter, it’s really hard, especially when you’re faced with not having any food, being sleepy or tired.”

So, despite what we saw of Kerri and Stacy on The Amazing Race, were there any moments that didn’t make it to air that the girls wish we saw at home?

“We wish you guys had seen us change the hell out of that tire when got a flat on the way to the airport in the first leg. We were really happy at how quickly were were able to change the tire on that vehicle. When we got to the airport there was this big conspiracy that we had gotten lost and not had a flat tire. So we really wish more people could have seen it and how well we performed.”

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