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Celebrity Apprentice Recap Clips: Life’s a Peach

7 years ago by Reg Seeton

Celebrity ApprenticeThis week on Celebrity Apprentice, the men of Team Unanimous and the women of Team Forte squared off in a project to wow the executives at Crystal Light.

Although the women of Team Forte lost Tia Carrere a week earlier on Celebrity Apprentice, former Danity Kane singer Aubrey O’Day stepped up s project manager to fill the void. On the men’s side, singer Clay Aiken finally got a turn at project manager in an attempt to keep Unanimous from losing another celebrity team mate. When Donald Trump revealed that the teams would have to create a party theme for the new Crystal Light Pomtini, the men felt they were at a disadvantage since no one from Unanimous frequented the Hollywood party circuit. However, the women of Forte were certainly up for the Celebrity Apprentice challenge given their colorful personalities and eyes for party style.

After creating two unique party themes – the men a beach peach party and the women a more urban New York event – Team Forte found themselves on the wrong side of the Crystal Light executives and were forced to vote out another Celebrity Apprentice team mate. This time it was ‪Patricia Velásquez‬ who was sent packing from the boardroom after making a key mistake on the branding.

In the newly released Celebrity Apprentice recap clips, Debbie Gibson performs her original song for Crystal Light, the men celebrate with Hoda, Kathie Lee and Clay singing a classic, and Donald Trump makes a final decision on who lost the party task.

Did you agree or disagree with Trump’s decision this week on Celebrity Apprentice?

Celebrity Apprentice – Garden of Crystal Delight

Celebrity Apprentice – Life’s a Peach

Celebrity Apprentice – It’s in the Details

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