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Fashion Star Competition with Mentor Nicole Richie

7 years ago by Reg Seeton

Nicole Richie on Fashion Star

Now that Fashion Star has found its weekly style stride on NBC, Nicole Richie has also found her groove alongside Jessica Simpson and John Varvatos as a fashion mentor to the competing designers.

Although some fans may know Nicole Richie as the daughter of legendary singer Lionel Richie or from her days on The Simple Life, Richie is also an accomplished designer. In fact, after debuting her Winter Kate line in 2010, Nicole Richie was voted Entrepreneur of the Year by Glamour Women for her House of Harlow 1960 jewelry brand.

Now one of three celebrity mentors on Fashion Star, Nicole Richie has expanded her reach to help other young designers on the rise. With a sense of style and compassion, Nicole has become both professionally and emotionally invested in Fashion Star.

So, how has Fashion Star exceeded Richie’s expectations in terms of the quality of designers and designs? As Nicole told The Deadbolt this week, the quality of the show is rooted in its diversity.

“I believe that these designers are so different, and there’s not a bad designer within these 14 designers. They are very different and they appeal to a different customer. And I believe everybody is going to have their favorites and be rooting for different people. That’s okay, there’s room enough for everyone.”

Although both fans of Fashion Star and Nicole Richie had to say goodbye to colorful clubwear designer, Oscar Fierro during last week’s episode, the competition heats up this week when the stylish reality series returns to NBC on Tuesday.

In dealing with the designers, how does Nicole Richie approach advice and guidance in such a unique medium?

For Richie, it’s more about individuality than what she knows.

“As a mentor, I left my personal aesthetic out of it and I was more encouraging them to be the best versions of themselves and really keep their signature, and just stand out as actual designers.”

One aspect of Fashion Star that sets the show apart from other reality competitors is how the weekly designs can be purchased the very next day through such elite retailers as Macy’s and H&M. In fact, it’s a savvy business move by the creators to get an advantage in the marketplace.

For Nicole Richie, however, guiding a designer’s style toward the commercial market and a buyer like Macy’s hasn’t been easy.

As Richie told The Deadbolt, bridging the gap between designers and buyers has been a task on its own.

“The biggest challenge for me obviously is my frustration with the buyers, only because we work so closely with these designers and they do work very hard under very small time constraints. It’s always sad to see someone go home, of course.

It’s also sad just to see their clothes not get bought because as a designer I can relate to working so hard and really believing in a piece and then having it not be bought. But that is the fashion business for you – that’s just that.”

Fashion Star airs Tuesday nights at 10/9c on NBC.

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