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The Voice: Tony Vincent on Battling Justin, “It was incredibly difficult.”

7 years ago by Reg Seeton

Justin Hopkins and Tony Vincent on The Voice

During the final Battle Round of The Voice, former Broadway singer Tony Vincent went head to head against team mate Justin Hopkins on the Journey hit “Faithfully” in what was the best battle of Monday night.

Prior to hitting The Voice stage on Monday, Tony Vincent and Justin Hopkins practiced the Journey song with coach Cee Lo Green in the studio before the final Battle Round began. Given the emotional underpinnings of “Faithfully” combined with the vocals of both Vincent and Hopkins, Cee Lo was moved to tears. However, when Tony and Justin hit the stage to sing for their survival on The Voice, Cee Lo faced his toughest decision of the season since both singers left it all on stage in a near perfect final battle performance.

When the song was over, Cee Lo chose Tony Vincent over Justin Hopkins to advance into the live rounds.

So, after a sincere embrace when the battle was over, how did Tony Vincent feel about the bond he formed with Justin Hopkins before, during and after the battle on Journey’s “Faithfully”?

When The Deadbolt spoke with Tony Vincent the next day, feelings were bittersweet.

“There were two gentlemen that I really became close with in this journey ever since the last two-hundred assembled of us, both Justin and Tony Lucca, who is still on Adam’s team. There was just this real camaraderie, band mate kind of situation that we all had. And when Cee Lo paired the two of us together, it was very exciting because we got a chance to perform together but it was also amazingly bittersweet because I knew one of us would have to go home.”

Both Tony and Justin hit The Voice stage as the final performers of the night after working hard in rehearsals all week. For Tony, the challenge was to find his own identity over the gravely vocals of Hopkins. For Justin, it was all about digging deep to beat an accomplished singer with a proven track record on the stage.

In the end, someone had to go home and both singers gave it their all to move on in The Voice competition. It was such a close call that both singers deserved to move forward.

Now that the Battle Round is over on The Voice, how did Tony feel about his victory over Justin and what he had to do to win?

“Of course I didn’t want to be that guy, so that meant I would have to challenge a guy that I really cared about. With me being a father and him the father of a two year old, our lives were very similar in the timeline of a father. So this meant a great deal to both of us. It was incredibly difficult.”

What do you think?

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  • Slbell1950

    Tony and Justin gave the best of all the performances on the VOICE this year. They made all the others look like kereoke bar losers.  I wish both these men would excel to the top. Tony has a majic look about him that draws us in and Justin has a voice to die for. I agree in  Cee Lo’s very difficult decision.  Tony is already a professional. I hope someone saw this performance and makes Justin’s dreams come true, too. Tony and Justin entertained us last night they didn’t look like they were battling. It was PURE entertainment singing one of my favorite songs.

  • nancyp

    dont understand why CeeLo put the best he had up against eachother. sad to see justin go…have a feeling we havent heard the end of him and his rugged raspy voice!