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Smash Star Katharine McPhee in Africa for Malaria No More [photos]

7 years ago by Reg Seeton

Although Katharine McPhee has found her musical groove on NBC’s Smash, McPhee also made time for helping others in Africa through the Malaria No More campaign.

With Smash on the NBC airwaves, Katharine McPhee headed to Africa this week to visit areas inflicted by Malaria and distribute life-saving mosquito nets, provided by Vestergaard Frandsen nets, and malaria treatment medication to those in need.

McPhee, the star of NBC’s Smash, has declared Malaria No More her charity of choice for 2012 and has joined forces with the organization to fight the preventable and treatable disease, which kills one child every minute in Africa.

Currently in Africa, Katharine traveled to Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, a nation in Africa ravaged by Malaria, to visit a school she helped to build through her McPhee Outreach project. The school had been flourishing for years – until Katharine got an email that some students were falling behind from missing school because of the malaria problem in the region. The headmaster was forced to close the school for a period of time because she had a close call with the often deadly disease and needed time to recover.

Katharine shares a dream with Malaria No More to end malaria deaths in Africa. Malaria is a deadly disease caused by a bite from a malarial mosquito that comes out at night. The good news is the disease is completely preventable and treatable with simple tools like a life-saving mosquito nets and medicine.

Check out the new photos of Katharine McPhee in Africa below for the Malaria No More campaign:

[Photo Credit: Laura Hajar]

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