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Off Their Rockers: Hidden Camera Humor with Betty White

7 years ago by Reg Seeton

The ever-busy Betty White returns to television on Wednesday, April 4 to host the new NBC hidden camera prank series called Betty White’s Off Their Rockers.

In Off Their Rockers, a Candid Camera style reality comedy, Betty White serves as colorful host while senior citizens prank unsuspecting young people to turn the tables on the stereotype that older people can’t have fun.

For Betty White, who recently celebrated her 90th birthday, Off Their Rockers came during one of the busiest, if not the busiest phases of her career. At 90, Betty White is still keeping pace with Hollywood and the fast pace of a working actress. After several cameos and roles in both film and television in recent years, not to mention one of the best Super Bowl commercials of all time, Betty White is still going strong with Off Their Rockers and Hot in Cleveland.

So, given how busy she’s been in recent years, why did Betty White decide to take on Off Their Rockers? As White told The Deadbolt, it was all about a love for work.

“It was a very popular show in Europe. As a matter of fact, it won several awards. And when they brought it to me, it sounded like something that might be popular here. So we thought we’d try it. We did a couple of them to see how it would be and somehow it seemed to catch on. So I haven’t the power to say no. I like what I do for a living too much.”

Featuring cleverly-crafted comedic stunts, candid moments and shocking reactions captured by hidden cameras, Betty White’s Off Their Rockers showcases seniors as they prank unsuspecting young “marks.”

With Betty White in on the pranks and providing introductory humor, the sketches on Off Their Rockers are rooted in reality based fun, from a senior who pours their late spouse’s ashes on a favorite park bench and another who asks strangers to watch a runaway motorized scooter to a senior who pretends to see a dead person.

Now that Off Their Rockers is about to hit the NBC airwaves, how does Betty White feel about what viewers will get out of the new series?

“They can either laugh with us or at us, but they’ll at least [laugh]. We’re not curing cancer or stopping warfare. We’re just up there for fun. Either laugh with us or at us or don’t watch us.”

As Off Their Rockers sends fearless senior citizens to the streets to pull hilarious pranks on the younger generation, Betty White will guide viewers from sketch to sketch and prank to prank.

Although Betty White has done it all when it comes to comedy on television, Off Their Rockers gives White a fresh new experience within the hidden camera format.

But given the humor associated with pranking young people on Off Their Rockers, Betty White is proud to be part of a lighthearted show rather than a series that exploits the misery of others.

“One of our ground rules is we have a sense of fun, that we’re making fun with people but not mean spirited. There’s nothing mean spirited about it.”

Betty White’s Off Their Rockers premieres Wednesday, April 4 at 8/7c on NBC.

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