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The Client List: Double Life Reality with Jennifer Love Hewitt

7 years ago by Reg Seeton

Jennifer Love Hewitt returns to television in the new Lifetime series The Client List, about a single mother in Texas who leads a shocking double life.

After being nominated for a 2010 Golden Globe as Best Actress in a Mini-series for her role in The Client List, Jennifer Love Hewitt reprises her role as a single mother who takes a job a day spa to repay her financial debts when her husband abandons their traditional Texas life. As viewers will see in the series debut of The Client List, Love Hewitt’s character soon realizes that the spa offers more than just massage therapy.

Although many fans know Jennifer Love Hewitt from her five seasons as spirit seer Melinda Gordon on the Ghost Whisperer, Love Hewitt steps into the role of Riley Parks, a young woman who balances two worlds: one that revolves around her kids and family and the other that centers around the spa and it’s special clientele.

Interestingly, The Client List addresses an issue that’s rarely talked about in society. For some single women struggling to make ends meet, the lure of big money within the sex world can be a bridge to greater success in life.

So, how does Jennifer Love Hewitt feel about women like Riley who are caught between conventional work and comprising their morals to get ahead? For Love Hewitt, as she told The Deadbolt, it’s rooted in an accurate reality within society.

“I think it’s realistic. It may not make people comfortable, but it begs the question: are there any other options? For Riley, there isn’t at the time. I think people are just going to have to try to be as non-judgmental about that as possible. But I do think that this is real, the story that we’re telling is real.”

Although it’s controversial, many single women in society are leading double lives to pay bills and feed their children. And for some women who have relied on their partner’s income for years, jobs like Riley’s in The Client List often fill an immediate void. Is it morally right? There’s no easy answer.

How many stories have we all heard about young women taking jobs as strippers to pay their way through college? In The Client List, Riley Parks makes a similar decision for the greater good of her family.

As for how Jennifer Love Hewitt sees the dilemma that Riley faces in The Clinet List, it’s a real issue that many struggle with on a daily basis.

“There really are economically [depleted] families that are put in these positions. There are women out there who are in sex worker positions that you would run into at the grocery store with their hair piled on top of their head and you have no idea. But it’s a reality.

I feel like as women and men, and people on the planet, you just have to do the best with what life gives you. Hopefully on our show people will have a lot of fun watching Riley do the best with what life has offered her. It’ll be an interesting series.”

The Client List premieres Sunday, April 8 at 10/9c on Lifetime.

What do you think?

Reg Seeton created The Deadbolt in 2005 after working for the pioneering movie news website, Coming Attractions. Reg has over 15 years experience as a top online entertainment journalist and interviewer, has worked with several award winning actors, musicians and writers, and has managed entertainment networks in New York and Los Angeles. And he's done it all with one eye!
  • Neil Mathieson

    Just because someone is forced to make radical decisions just to keep their family fed doesn’t make them bad. It just means that they’re out of options,… they see it.
    There is usually a support structure at a local church than can help to a degree.

  • Toridifranco

    I don’t see anything wrong with it as a choice, even without desperation or lack of options. What bothers me about this show is Riley is a victim of circumstance, versus an empowered woman making her own choices and to hell with what anyone else thinks. I realize it’s probably for audience acceptance or sympathy, but I hope as time goes on, Riley gains pride in her job and chooses to continue doing it even as other options become available.

  • BK

    JLH just doesn’t get that what the issue MT’s have is that this type of contact with clients is unethical, illegal, and wrongly putting it in the front spotlight that this is what all massage is about.  Comparing MT’s to strippers is still crossing the line!  We have tried hard to break into the healthcare field and shake the image of massage parlors.  I am not putting down anyone who choses stripping as a job or anything else, but the whole moral dilemma claim really goes down the drain with the all the ads they are putting out there glamourizing sex with clients and showing it is all about the money.

    That is the only image they have given the public when it came to all the clips, and that is what why we are upset.  This stereotype results in not only LMTs having to pay for state licensing (which is fine) but also many cities require a separate license that can be as much as $1,000 per year that isn’t required of any other health care service provider.