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Matt Lauer to Remain with Today After New Deal

7 years ago by Reg Seeton

Matt Lauer of Today on NBC

Matt Lauer will remain the co-host of NBC’s Today show after Lauer signed a long term contract with the network to end months of speculation about his possible departure.

On Friday morning, Matt Lauer announced on Today that he would remain as co-host of the popular NBC morning show. Although terms of the deal were not made public, Matt Lauer revealed on Friday that Today was his professional family and that he loved working with everyone involved in the show.

The news put an end to months of speculation that Matt Lauer would leave the Today show and that American Idol host Ryan Seacrest would possibly take over. Earlier this week, however, Seacrest did ink a deal with NBC for Summer Olympics coverage along with his duties at E!.

Despite how some insiders speculated that Seacrest was being lured by NBC as a replacement for Matt Lauer on Today, Lauer set the record straight on Friday with a brief announcement before continuing his regular Today show co-hosting duties.

[Sources: NBC, NY Daily News]

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  • Guest

    Did he negotiate Ann Curry off of the show? That rumor has been spinning around and there are plenty of people who would like to see that happen.

    • Ann Greenwood

      I agree!  Ann Curry is too condescending when she interviews.  I even turn down the volume until it is over.  She should never do live interviews. She would be the sole reason I would switch to GMA.

      • GILFfan

        I agree, Ann Curry is a total condescending elitist. However, her skin is so beautiful for a woman in her 50s. I wish I could lick her face bones. Sadly, I’d get put in prison if I did. So I guess I will never have the pleasure. She’s one hot GILF Asian.

  • Tallmtman

    Oh crap, he is such a bore. I guess its still morning CNN for me. 

    • such a yawner Lauer is….the whole show is pretty dull actually.

  • Bitt70

    Frankly I love the today show, and I also think Ann curry is a great addition,to the team. I say go Matt and Ann, from Jacksonville Florida

  • Matt Lower is way too cocky and arrogant to remain on the Today Show as co-anchor.  Matt has continually treated conservative guests with disdain and condescension during interviews.  Ann Curry can spice up the show, along with the current crew.  There’s no need to keep Matt Lower on the Today Show.  Time to find new talent or use the current correspondents to replace Matt.

    • Wbr456nc

      I agree. Matt can go. What a waste of good dollars. He sends me to other networks regularly. Ann is great. Was excited when they finally gave her the co- hosting position and hope she gets a long term contract as well.

  • Mark

    Why don’t you ladies get a job like everyone else so you won’t have time to watch the Today Show?

    • Debbie

      Mark, you must not have a job if you have time to leave comments on this forum. 

  • Jeffdmn

    There is no anchor better than Matt Lauer anywhere on TV.  No one will replace him but him including Seacrest.  

  • CTracyIII

    Dang. I was hoping he would leave.

  • Gallery404

    I will neve rwatch Matt Lauer and the Today show for having Sarah Palin on …what a bust! A lot of “You Betcha” crap from Alaska.  She’s a Quitter as a Gov. and a loser as a running mate.

  • Brown 45

    can you find someone younger and not bold?everybody so old and unattractive

  • Mole1

    How can I say this and hurt everyone’s feeling…?  Who gives a flying crap..!


  • Harry

    who cares

  • Jenn Donn

    Fanflippingtastic another egomaniac got his way including ousting anyone who has more brains than him as not to upstage the obvious! GMA with George is what I will grin and bear then watch him.  All the ranting men who are so happy to see Ann and Merideth’s genuine journalism and professionalism regardless of this sexist comments be ousted, your insecurities are also as obvious.