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Britney Spears Reaches $15 Million X Factor Deal?

7 years ago by Reg Seeton

It appears Britney Spears will soon be a judge on The X Factor after a new report reveals that Spears has agreed to the terms of a $15 million deal.

The Wrap reports that Britney Spears has agreed to serve as a judge on The X Factor in a $15 million deal but has yet to sign the contract. According to the report, Britney has agreed to the terms and will be paid $13 million as a judge, with the remaining money to be paid as a bonus for a performance on The X Factor.

Interestingly, the story goes on to reveal that Britney and The X Factor were weeks away from a deal before the media pushed the two camps closer.

But a flurry of other reports from various outlets trying to get a piece of the Britney Spears – X Factor pie added more to the picture. In fact, MTV UK cites three sources that indicate Spears and The X Factor are close to a deal, no contract has been signed, and that Simon Cowell wants two years out of Spears while Britney wants an out clause in her contract after one year.

To date, Fox has not issued an official comment on the matter of Britney Spears joining The X Factor.

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