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Survivor: One World: Jay Byars, “I thought I was safe”

7 years ago by Reg Seeton

Jay Byars on Survivor: One World - (c) 2012 CBS

This week on Survivor: One World, Jay Byars of the former Manono tribe was voted out of the game after a key immunity idol was played at Tribal Council.

Only a week after the guys of Survivor: One World lost another male ally, South Carolina model Jay Byars was picked off by the women of the newly formed Tikiano tribe. On the heels of sending home tribe mates Jonas Otsuji and Mike Jefferson, the guys of Survivor: One World found themselves on the wrong side of the numbers game.

Although Jay knew the guys were in trouble this week, the only Survivor play he could make was to trust the women. In a questionable movie, Jay chose to tell Kat Endorsson of the women that he originally wanted to vote Christina out of the game instead of Mike. As the game of Survivor evolved this week, Jay told Kat a little too much.

As it turned out, despite the concerns of tribe mate Troyzan, Jay was at the top of the list when it came to the girls and their Survivor pecking order.

So, why did Jay Byars trust Kat so much with information knowing that the guys were at a disadvantage? As Jay told The Deadbolt the day after being voted out of Survivor: One World, it was the opposite.

“It’s not that I trusted [Kat] so much, it’s that I didn’t trust her and I wanted to keep her close. It was Sabrina, Kim and Chelsea that I trusted more.”

And with the guys down in Survivor numbers, Jay tried to calm Troyzan who feared that it was only a matter of time before the two of them were voted out of One World.

Despite Jay’s belief that their alliance was intact and that the girls wouldn’t send them home, Troyzan played his immunity idol at Tribal Council just to make sure he was safe. Once the girls knew that Troyzan would play his idol, Jay became the obvious Survivor target.

Only weeks before, however, the guys of Survivor: One World had the numbers on their side before Colton Cumbie left the game due to injury.

Since the guys were down in numbers, how would Colton have been a factor had he remained in the game?

“That was something that I obviously wish would have been different. My thing with Colton is that I wish he’d been there. Early on I didn’t really interact with the girls so much because I knew Colton was and he was putting my name in the mix. So I was going to let him be the one to bring us and the girls together.”

As Survivor fate would have it on One World, the guys couldn’t form a united front against the girls when Colton left the game for good. After Jonas and Mike were gone, Jay, Troyzan, Leif and Tarzan became sitting Survivor ducks.

This week, however, the only thing Jay could do was hope for immunity. But when Jeff Probst tempted Jay with chicken wings and beer during the immunity challenge, it was enough to leave him vulnerable.

Now that’s Jay Byars is the latest member to join the One World jury, how should he have played things differently?

“My biggest, obviously dumbest move was stepping down [from immunity] because I thought I was safe. I knew the girls were going to come after me, but I didn’t think it would be that night. I thought it would be the next one. I should’ve just stayed focused on that vote and won my immunity.”

What do you guys think Jay should have done this week on Survivor: One World?

What do you think?

Reg Seeton created The Deadbolt in 2005 after working for the pioneering movie news website, Coming Attractions. Reg has over 15 years experience as a top online entertainment journalist and interviewer, has worked with several award winning actors, musicians and writers, and has managed entertainment networks in New York and Los Angeles. And he's done it all with one eye!
  • upstateny

    Got to say Jay is a real let down to the male gender.  He is like the guy at the black jack table
    that doesn’t have a clue, so all he ends up doing is screwing over the other
    players at the table.  The men had such a
    strong position and wasted it away.  I
    think Greg is on the same track as Jay, if he didn’t project such a loser persona
    he would be gone already.  Judging by his
    (Greg) comments and the way he votes he is wasting his time there as he has no
    chance at the money.  With his chosen
    name of “Tarzan” he must be a legend in his own mind.  When I look at Greg, Tarzan is not the first
    word that comes to mind.  Think I will be
    looking into a sex chance soonL