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Survivor: One World: Leif Manson, “I didn’t expect that from Tarzan”

7 years ago by Reg Seeton

Photo: CBS

The tribal drama continued on Survivor: One world this week as Leif Manson saw his time on the CBS reality series come to an end after being voted out.

This week on Survivor: One World, the men of the former Manono tribe were once again under fire by the women. Although Lief Manson found himself on the wrong side of the Survivor numbers with fellow Tikiano tribe mates Troyzan and Tarzan, there wasn’t much Leif could do to save himself from the votes at Tribal Council.

At the beginning of this week’s Survivor: One World, it was clear that either Leif or Troyzan would be sent to the jury. However, when it came time to fight for Survivor life, Troyzan surprised everyone by winning immunity. As a result, it left Leif on the tribal chopping block.

Interestingly, when the votes were revealed at the end of the show, Tarzan flipped on his former tribe mate and voted for Leif.

Looking back with The Deadbolt the next day, how does Leif feel about getting a vote from Tarzan?

“I didn’t expect that from Tarzan. He and I, from day one, had a really good relationship. He was always making me laugh and we were always telling amazing stories to each other. When it all comes down to it, you really have to take your heart out of it and start thinking with your brain. That was the hardest thing for me.”

Although the Survivor numbers weren’t on Leif’s side for the past few weeks, it soon became evident that the guys of One World would be picked off by the girls of the former Salani tribe.

Despite a tight alliance with Troyzan, there was little that Leif could do to shake things up and change the balance of power with the girls of Survivor: One world.

From the outset of the season, Leif Manson flew mainly under the radar with both the men and women to play a fairly passive game. It was a Survivor strategy that sent him to the jury earlier than he would have liked.

How does Leif feel he should have played a different game from the start?

“From the beginning, I know I said I was going to be myself and stay under the radar as much as possible. But looking back, whenever I would really try to talk any kind of strategic talk with people – I don’t know if it was just myself or little people in general, we’re just not taken real seriously. It was just really hard trying to talk any kind of strategy to a lot of people.”

Although Leif was voted out of Survivor: One World, much of the episode centered around Troyzan and his attempts to turn the tables on the women. After winning immunity, Troyzan made the girls scramble for a new strategy, which left a huge target on Leif’s back.

When it came time for Tribal Council, Troyzan pitched some of the girls a new strategy that would have changed the game completely and kept Leif in the game.

So, from Leif’s perspective, why didn’t the girls go for Troy’s plan even though it could have changed the game, especially for Christina?

“They were just so brainwashed. They were being so brainwashed and so led on that they all thought they were safe. None of them are thinking ahead on what is going to happen. And it is going to have to happen, someone else getting voted off. But it was tough.”

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