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Will Ann Curry be Replaced Next Week?

6 years ago by Nadya Vlassoff

After news broke that Ann Curry would be leaving the Today Show, word has it that NBC colleague Hoda Kotb may be Curry’s replacement as early as next week.

New online reports suggest that Hoda Kotb may be the new co-host of Today alongside Matt Lauer. Kotb, who hosts Today alongside Kathie Lee Gifford on the fourth hour of the show, is no stranger to morning television viewers.

Although some may be surprised that Hoda Kotb’s name has been thrown into the mix, reports indicate that Kotb scored well in focus groups for NBC back in 2007 during her battle with cancer. Kotb joined NBC back in 1998.

If Hoda Kotb does replace Ann Curry next week, it could end the 16-year career of Curry on NBC.

Who would you like to see replace Ann Curry on Today?

What do you think?

Nadya Vlassoff joined The Deadbolt in 2009 and currently serves as associate content director and contributing editor. A former writer for the boutique apparel and accessories blog, Nadya has interviewed and worked with a variety of top names in pop culture, fashion, entertainment and sports.
  • Josephine

    I don’t like Matt or The Today Show. My choice is CBS.

    • Prry Bluu

       fox news is the only news station that gives you both sides

      • megan03

        Are you crazy?  Your comment must be sarcasm, right?

      • JoeSchmoe50

        Fox: both sides…if you mean two angles of the wrong side.
        Thanks for playing.

  • Boy, the knives are really out on this one. Poor Ann Curry, how humiliating it must be to be treated this way. I have to give the lady credit, she’s shown a great deal of class, not to mention courage, to continue on since NBC has really decided to throw her under the bus and take the blame for their own incompetence. Typical network behavior, especially for NBC, a network known for ruining good shows with their lack of insight. You go, Ann, and more power to you for behaving in a professional manner. Too bad there aren’t more like you. 

  • Pittsburghgirl1

    I will not watch the today show ever ever again . I will start watching good america every day. You people at nbc are right in your reasoning of this situation. Ann good luck i will go to a new station if you leave nbc.NBC SUCKS! !!!!

    • Junemoon6650

      This is an example of network politics.

  • john

    Why don’t your replace Ann Curry with sandusky. Your network is sinking anyway. Boycott NBC for not keeping this in house. She will survive with the millions she has made from your network. A million to one says your ratings will not change. To think I would ever be mad at NBC for poor judgement on this issue. Ann may your next journey be a success. You are the face of TV. NBC=NOTHING BUT CROOKS.

  • Peter

    I think the almighty Lauer should go. Where in the world is he? NOWHERE.

  • Jstaff

    That is a terrible decision. One they will regret. She brings so much class to that otherwise hokey program.

  • Prry Bluu

    NBC is a liberal rag,even primetime sucks

    • megan03

      Oh, I get it now–you’re a Republican=–sorry I didn’t recognize your problem before.

  • Aurora

    I have been watching the show for many years, I’ve seen Katie and Meredith leave the show, however, if Ann leaves the show, I will not watch the show again.


  • Wfkammann

    Ann Curry was always much too nice for television, and especially the cut-throat television ushered in by Roger Ailes and Fox News. There’s no room for decency. GET IT!

    • Prry Bluu

       you got this shittt backwards,its the liberals that are haters

      • megan03

        Your comments show who the hater is.

  • Terry L. Grimes

    I will discontinue watching the Today Show if Ann Curry is replaced.  Ann is an outstanding newscaster and has more class in her little finger than the entire NBC network.  You go Ann,  you will BE an asset to any organization. I will support any nework that hires you.

    I agree, NBC SUCKS!!!!!!!!

  • She’ll go to FOX and then her real reporting ability will come out and she will eclipse anything she has ever done at NBC.

    • Prry Bluu

       fox always takes the good ones that the lamestream media can for being honest and not in the tank for liberal agenda

      • megan03

        You are so misinformed to say that a network run by Roger Ailes is honest.   Check again, neocon.

  • Rick Jones

    Not Hoda…..Savannah Guthrie would be perfect.

  • Andrew

    I get where NBC is coming from, in that AC isn’t necessarily co-host material. That being said, I think this reflects VERY poorly upon the network – they’re about to lose an amazing journalist who brings nothing but class to the table. I also don’t think AC did THAT bad of a job as co-host, despite believing she should never have left her role as lead news correspondent. I’ve always been a Matt Lauer fan, but using his contract renewal as leverage to oust AC is, if indeed true, a pretty appalling move. NBC’s waiting until now to lower the axe to avoid besmirching Lauer’s reputation is even more appalling. I like Savannah Guthrie, the purported replacement (not sure where the Hoda talk is coming into play?), but, as other users have commented, this is yet another shining moment for a struggling network, clinging to what little profitable programming it has left.

  • Janice Jones

    Leave Ann Curry where she is. She should have been given the job before Meredith Viera!!

  • Gourmetitaliankitchen

    Poor Ann….She is a women of such class and honesty. Not your typical puppet anchor women.Good Luck Ann and I will follow where ever you !!!

  • Carole

    I think that Ann is a nice person but she just doesn’t have the cute banter and teasing personality to match Matt (whom I will always love). That is what made The Today show so entertaining.

  • JJ

    Ann Curry is a genteel lady with a compassionate heart.  You critics who say her looks are not right are either blind or jealous.  Imagine the idiots that think Matt Lauer and Al Rooker,   the jack hole who makes me ill – are the cream of the crop are just plain stupid!!  I think they are jealous of Ms. Curry and feel threatened by her talent.

  • Bsmolko27

    I think Ann Curry is Great, I will Discontinue watching the Today Show if Ann Curry is Replaced.

  • John

    Is Ann Curry Les Mouves (sp?) wife. Thought he was top dog…

  • john

    Sorry I was wrong… she’s not married to Les.  Feel bad for her… treated like dog do…

  • LordMJ1964

    Ann Curry took over for Meredith, I was elated! I got 3 extra hours of sleep every morning. YAWN!

  • Mwfulcher

    Ann is a wonderful and welcome asset to the show. She presents herself professionally, offers a kind sense of compassion and warmth, has strong ethics and high morals and values, along with dignity and decorum. She is an asset to the group. Getting rid of her is the wrong decision. Our family will consider another network if Kotb is the replacement. She has no credibility. Right there with her side kick Kathy Lee and the wine And fake laughs and smiles. That’s not journalism. Let Hoda and Kathy Lee “report” on the royal family. Nobody cares about any of that mess anyhow. There are too many commercials too. Cover the news and current events of the U.S.. Keep it real. No Kardashian slut crap either. Keep Ann and keep true journalism. Otherwise Fox news works great while this college educated white collar working family gets ready for our day before going to work.

  • IC

    I will look around for another morning show after watching Today for over 50 yrs – this is terrible.  The first thing I do is turn off today when Hoda and Kathie Lee come on – Ann Curry is a true pro at her job and all they want is a bunch of light weights to be cute all the time

    • Bjmeachammb

      I agree with IC!!  If Hoda replaces Ann will she bring her win?.  What a negative statement to children who might be watching with a parent.  Also, the rudeness of 5 people all trying to talk over each other!  NBC has been my station for many years and if Ann goes, well there go I??  What courage  Ann has shown, knowing the message was out and she carried on with dignity and pride.  Thank you Ann!11111

  • Sharon Berglund

    I believe Ann is an excellent journalist; this is not necessarily about her, but network moves.  I’d like to see her remain, but I understnad if she accepts another position within NBC or another network. 

    Sharon Berglund
    Houston, Texas

  • G40

    Annie is great…she is beautiful inside & out and is a class act…if she leaves so will I!! Can’t stand Matt Lauer …he is a douche!

  • paul L

    nbc will be loseing a veiwer.very good annoncer and always a pretty smile. i guess al rokie will be all about money and rateings. they don’t know when to leave a good thing  alone.

  • Elaine Brown

    I will miss Ann.

  • Sbrownln

    I like Ann, you don’t always need the over the top bubbly. If she is replaced
    I would like to see Hoda get the job. She has gotten a raw deal having Kathie Lee
    as her co host, Kathie is always talking on top of her and not being courteous.

  • Hansoni2424

    Anyone with half a Brain knows Fox will Pick her up, Pay her more, and Blow away the Ratings even more with Ann joining the team. Good Luck Ann. I have always thought you were one of the Top Talents on NBC.

    • Blaze

      She’s already making $10 million…a cable show is not gonna pay her more…She should go be a foreign correspondent…Shes good at that and appears to enjoy that work.  Some people are just not anchors…Nothing wrong with that.  She has excelled in her reporting with NBC

  • Kchan946

    I will not watch the Today Show ever again if Ann gets replaced. Its about time nbc looks at some of the other anchors they have on the show. Ann is great! nbc does SUCK11111

  • Elain Brown

    In retrospect, Ann has gone on assignments to some dangerous countries, putting her life
    on the line. 

  • Elleninco

    Ann is being used as a scapegoat for this mess at NBC!  Remember, she didn’t ask for this job…they gave it to her supposedly, because they were confident she could perform.  Surely, their ratings didn’t drop overnight so they should have seen it coming and offered her some coaching help.  I don’t think her ego would have gotten in the way and she would have blossomed.  Couldn’t be that their ratings are dropping because people are tired of the tabloid subject matter and who cares what “Today’s Professionals” think?  Enough already!
    Ann is a classy lady and a definite asset to everyone who wants real news–not fluff!
    Wishing her something far better than the Today Show!

    • Blaze

      Correction…She DID ask for the job, threatening to leave otherwise and was really upset when she was passed over years ago when NBC went outside the show to hire Meredith away from The View…The anchor position involves prestige and a lot more money…They are making her a scapegoat to some extent but also she was never a good fit for this job – and both NBC and Curry herself should have known that…But at least now she can say she gave it a shot…and she should call Deborah Norville stat

  • anti_nihilist

    I don’t watch NBC that often if at all. Reading through the comments suggest that Ann is a smart capable news person. Not the spastic, flirty, 2 cent quip girl the show may be missing. I can’t picture the mentioned replacements doing any better at that either. I am male, and find Matt Lauer to be, perhaps the word is metro-sexual. Some might call him wifty, some meek, and others mealymouthed. It would not surprise me to hear that his spine was made of tofu. I can’t stand the sight of him.

    • Blaze

      You nailed it though…Theres a big difference between being a great reporter or journalist and having the skills AND PERSONALITY to be a morning show host….Its a combination of more than just have to excel at live tv, spontaneity, charm, friendliness in an unthreatening way, and play the role – do well at happy talk, 

  • Blaze

    While I like Hoda, I don’t think that will happen.  It seems they’re grooming Savannah although I don’t think she’s right for the part either…Id vote for Natalie.  I havent seen Hoda do a lot of straight hard news lately and what would happen to the 4th hour- who will you put with KLG when she and Hoda have become great friends.  Poor Curry was a bad fit from the beginning but this is looking like Deborah Norville 2.0.  This reminds me of the situation that happens in companies all the time.  SOmeone is good at their job but in order to get a raise, they have to be promoted to a higher managerial (or in this case anchor vs reporter) job which puts them further away from what they’re good and talented at.  Not everyone should be a manager or an anchor in this case.  Being a good reporter doesnt make you a good anchor..and vice versa.  Rumors have Curry becoming a foreign correspondent which she excels at (if her children are old enough where she wouldn’t mind being away from home for long periods of time)…SHe would also be the best paid as reports say NBC is on the hook for $10 million at least for the next couple of years.  But its also unfair to blame everything on Curry


    Ann Curry is a gifted interviewer.  She is intelligent, compassionate and someone you’d like to have for a friend.  If she is forced to leave the Today Show I’ll boycott NBC and will move my allegiance to where Ann goes.  Bad decision NBC.  You’ve turned on the one class act you have on the show.

  • Cindy Morrell

    I also will stop watching the Today Show, Ann Curry is why I watched in the first place!!!!

  • Vcarter4

    Ann Curry is a Top Quality Woman who has done a superb job at what she does. I suspect that some big wig doesn’t like her anymore. Ann Curry WILL rise above this, trust me on this one.

  • Allen_pagent

    Curry has been the only reason I watched the show.  Easy going, non-abrasive, and just plain friendly on TV.   

  • Deb Stevenson

    I feel that the co-anchor position for a morning show of that nature should be filled by someone who is bubbly and light hearted, who laughs easily. Ann is just too emotional and serious – her interviews and segments frequently left me with a doom and gloom feeling – she put such a pall on the show…….not what I like to feel first thing in AM. I believe she’s a very competent reporter, just a bad fit for that kind of show. I think the bigger question is though–with all her years at NBC, didn’t the execs KNOW she’d be a bad fit??? After all, she was no stranger to them. It’s as if they set her up to fail. Shame on them.

  • Cindy Morrell

    Another comment, why is it that Matt Lauer is still there?  Can’t he work with anyone?  Kati Courtic, Meredith both left – now they are blaming the ratings drop on Ann so they are getting rid of her instead of Matt!!   I think NBC should get rid of Matt Lauer.

  • Elizabeth

    Matt Lauer is the one who should leave. He is fake, boring and self absorbed. The show needs to be revamped . Enough with the cooking segments and fashion shows. They never have enough time for a segment. It always gets rushed up and cut short. Very annoying !!! 

    Good luck Ann. You’ll be fine

  • J. eary

    Nora O’Donnell has always been my number one pick. She and Matt have great chemistry, plus she’s has a terrific wit and journalism experience.

  • M pich

    Always found Ann Curry’s special very interesting. She is a unique and very, very brave reporter. An asset to ant network. The Today Show’s reports are never in depth. The snippets are often trite and boring.

  • Kag15792

    Ann is a very professional reporter with a compassionate friendly demeanor. If she is outted I will find another channel to watch. I think The NETWORK is to blame. Not Ann.

  • Guest

    No one can replace Ann Curry.

  • Gary

    Ann Curry was great at the news desk and does great with serious and/or important news topics.  She does not have the personality needed to be cute and entertaining. She’s the opposite of Katie Couric who failed because many could not take her seriously as a news anchor.  Ann should do what she does best, and let NBC attempt to find another co-host that makes us want to watch the Today Show again.  I gave up on it before Ann came to the Co-Host position.  I think NBC failed  somewhere behind the camera first.  The producer    and/or programming caused me to  shift to CBS.

  • heidi11

    To go through and only comment on all of the liberal remarks is interesting…you seem very angry and looking for someone to attack. I’m hoping you can look past the political party, let go of your judgements you have of others, and be okay that we all have different opinions. Deep breath. Remember, when you are in judgement, you are in fear and fear is the opposite of love. Let people believe what they want, and you follow what you believe…you will find much more peace and happiness in your life.

  • Laurie

    Ann Curry.  Ann is the most dignifed and outstanding anchor on TV.  Be careful what you wish for NBC…

  • JoeSchmoe50

    Hoda Kotb is the perfect person opposite Matt Lauer.
    Two bigger freakin’ airheads who have nothing in their heads except cotton candy should be hosting the most lame excuse for a TV morning news show. It’s only fair. All that spun sugar  in one place makes me sick after 2 bites.

  • Chris Evans

    Ann Curry …finally a co-anchor with some style!  Classy lady.  And willing to go any place you send her for a story.   Talent wasted if you pass her by.

  • Terrya2648

    I agree with most of the comments that I have read so far.  The only reason why watch the Today’s show is Ann Curry.  I never liked Matt Lauer because he is too arrogant like Bryant Gamble.  NBC paid Matt Lauer all this money and now that their rating is going down, they are using Ann Curry as the scapegoat!  The executives for NBC should look at the entire network’s rating and not just focus on the Today’s show.  Ann Curry has done more to get the news for NBC.  She has put her life on the line to bring the coverage of the war to public.
    I will talk to my friends and have them stop watching the NBC network.  Bad karma comes around, when you treat people this way.  

    Ann has a lot of charisma and compassion.  She does not need to have that chemistry with Matt Lauer, it should be the other way around.  Put your head up, Ann.  It is the people around that is not doing their job.

  • JB

    I like Ann, but she was never lead host material. I thought it was a mistake from the beginning. This is the nature of the business they’re in. Hoda is better at running a show than Ann. Althought I don’t care for the Hoda and Kathy Lee hour, she does have something special. Savannah is horrible and always so uncomfortable looking in her interviews. Personally, I like Natalie Morales or Tamron Hall better as replacements.

  • Adluv41

    get rid of pompous matt lauer and maybe the raings will go up

  • Noone

    I am in agreement. Matt Lauer and Al Roker are not the reasons women tune into The Today Show. I love Ann Curry’s style and composure. Al Roker often is offense with his sexual innuendo and some of the others are just plain moronic. I can’t understand how they look at that mess of a show and say Ann is the problem?? Wake up NBC.

  • Hard2

    I, like so many others have been watching the Today Show for years, and if Ann Curry is replaced, we will never watch again.  We both LOVE Ann Curry.  We were thrilled she was offered the co-anchor position.  She deserves it. 

    How could NBC blame Ann for their problems?  She shows class, she is honest, she is kind, yet does a great interview, etc.  She is incredible on Dateline.   What are they talking about that she doesn’t ‘connect’ with their viewing audience.  I think Ann is fantastic, and very disappointed in their decision.  We hope it’s not too late.  KEEP ANN CURRY!!!!!  WE LOVE HER!!! 

  • Christinerodriguez90

    If they are replacing Ann. which I love. Hoda will be awesome. No natalie or Savannah