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Tom Cruise Has Nothing to Lose in Jack Reacher Trailer

6 years ago by Reg Seeton

The trailer for the new Tom Cruise film Jack Reacher was released this week by Paramount Pictures amid Cruise’s split from Katie Holmes.

Ahead of the December 21 release of Jack Reacher, Paramount released the trailer for the upcoming Tom Cruise topped crime drama about a former military officer turned investigator who gets entangled in a case of a muderous sniper. Formerly titled One Shot, Jack Reacher is based on the character in the series of novels by author Lee Child.

In the Jack Reacher trailer, Tom Cruise puts pedal to the metal behind the wheel of a Camaro SS as he tracks down criminals before a final showdown. As Cruise reveals in the voice of Jack Reacher, he has nothing to lose.

What do you think?

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  • Top_cut_lumber

    Thats a chevelle, not a camaro SS

  • Auntcolie

    Jack Reacher’s character is 6 foot 5, so how is Tom Cruise picked to play him…as a fan of the books, its a very disappointing choice.  I wont see the movies.

    • TooOldToKnowBetter

      Agree with you 100%.  When I heard the choice of Cruise I was appalled. Who knows how much they changed the rest of things to make the movie?  (I’ll bet Cruise sends his clothes out to be dry cleaned 🙂

  • J

    That’s a wee little cult member, not Jack Reacher.

  • Neilantin

    I agree. Reacher is a 6’5″ badass. Cruise is what 5’9″ ???? 
    The trailer looks good but I’m sure the film will not live up  to the novels. 

    • Crawford500

      I have read all the Lee Child/Jack Reacher novels………that jerk Tom Cruise (5’7″) playing Jack Reacher… a disgrace…….and my personal idea of Jack has been ruined.,,,,,I will never be able to read another Reacher novel again……

  • JMK

    Whoever did the casting, never read the books.  I can’t even picture Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher.  What a DISAPPOINTMENT.  Say it ain’t so…….  .

  • shamus o’toole

    i have read all of the reacher books. what a lousy choice for the title role. tom cruise couldn’t carry jacks jock strap. he is 5′ 7″ reacher is 6’5″ how could lee child have ever have given the O K for cruise to play the title role? i guess money talks. i’m sure he got a pretty penny for the movie rights! stand by your guns lee!!!!

  • mixzen

    Same sh!t different movie title…  Cruise needs to gain new skills and play a character with more depth.  The “hero” concept only lasts a couple of seconds and the comic book movies have that covered.   Hollywood needs to step back, stop producing the easy movies and grab a plot with potential to make a difference.  

  • Liverpate

    Really??  Who’s idea was this…what a debacle.  I’ll stick with the books and skip the movie.

  • Daniel

    there couldnt have been a worse choice to play reacher.  holy crap!  i’m with everyone else i will NOT be seeing this movie.  thanks in advance for saving me $20 and not wasting 2 hrs of my time.

  • Josh18

    Anyone notice how when the music kicks in, it sounds EXACTLY like the Limp Bizkit song from Mission Impossible 2?

  • Jan

    Tom Cruise auditions for American Idol