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Label Tells Lady Gaga To Lose Weight?

6 years ago by Nadya Vlassoff

It appears that Lady Gaga was told by her record label to lose weight after executives saw pictures of a heavier than usual Gaga in tight fitting clothes.

A web report out of Radar Online revealed that executives at Universal Music Group allegedly saw pictures of Lady Gaga looking a little too tightly packed in her form-fitting clothing and asked her to lose weight and stay away from pasta and pizza.

In an interview with Elvis Duran, a Z100 Radio Host in NYC, Lady Gaga admitted that her weight gain is tied to her roots. “I’m a New York Italian girl,” said Gaga. “That’s why I have been staying out of New York. My father [Joe Germanotta] opened a restaurant. It’s so amazing.”

As Gaga continued, the temptation of her father’s restaurant was hard to resist.

“I’m telling you,” Gaga added, “I gain five pounds every time I go in there. So my dad wants me to eat at the restaurant, and I’m, like, I’ve got to go where I can drink green juice.”

Do you think Lady Gaga needs to drop a few pounds?

What do you think?

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  • KU37

    “Label Tells Lady Gaga Told to Lose Weight?”

    “Reader Tells Copy Editor Told to Check Grammar?”

    • TheDeadbolt

      “Copy Editor Says Thank You to Reader”

  • I feel so superior when I find mistakes.

  • gloria

    Lady GaGa still looks great…nothing to do with her voice. Anyway

  • Bridgette

    Lady GaGa needs to settle down a little; she’s getting older and someone needs to tell her stop feeding like a 18 year old

  • Jeff

    I lament that image carries so much ‘weight’ (pun intended) as the music. I think Gaga started with the shocking image to get her foot in the door; but now that she’s arrived, can’t she concentrate on the music. She IS good.

  • gary

    I wish I had s sister that sister that looks like the gaga instead of thr
    Fat biyatch vicky aka Brooklyn wayne. That I have. The kuntress thinks
    She is god just like wayne did…..GAGA IS A LADY AND A HERO!!

  • bolognabreath

    I love when editors make mistakes! It just shows that nobodys perfect!!

  • RJJ

    Lady GaGa should tell the label a few things. Have they never heard of Adele? Weight has nothing to do with talent.