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Once Upon a Time Recap: Top 3 Moments

6 years ago by Nadya Vlassoff

Once Upon a Time returned for its second season on Sunday night with the episode “Broken” after the town of Storybrooke was left in a purple haze.

Following last season’s finale, the fairy tale universe collided with modern day in the Season 2 premiere as the curse on Storybrooke was broken. The premiere had the perfect set-up as the characters confronted each other with lingering memories of their former selves.

Emma finally faced her parents, Snow White and Prince Charming, Henry turned his back on Regina, and Rumplestiltskin struggled to reform for his long lost love, Belle.

To say the least, it was a jam-packed season premiere of Once Upon a Time. And with so many new characters joining the fairy tale fray, we picked out our Top 3 Moments.

Prince Phillip is Dead (or is he?)

Nothing is ever as it seems in Fairy Tale Land. Our heart was torn on Sunday when Prince Phillip took on the Wraith in order to save Aurora and Mulan. In a spectacular display of special effects, the Wraith stole Prince Phillip’s soul as the two women he tried to save wept by his lifeless body.

Although the season premiere hinted that there could be a love triangle between Prince Phillip, Aurora, and Mulan, viewers saw a slight glimpse of back-story on the relationship between Phillip and Mulan. After Aurora confronted Mulan about her love for the Prince, Mulan denied her feelings. But the seed was already planted in the hearts and minds of viewers.

Who is Dr. Whale’s Fairy Tale Alter-ego?

Although he wasn’t a new character, Dr. Whale had an important, albeit short, role in the second season premiere. When Dr. Whale led the attack against Regina, he was stopped by David/Charming. However, Whale was unimpressed, “You’re not my prince,” he admitted to David.

Who is Dr. Whale anyway? What was that comment all about? Interestingly, Whale and David could soon butt heads again, especially after Charming learned that Whale had a one-night stand with Snow.

Rumplestiltskin Finds His True Love

We know, Rumplestiltskin is supposed to be the bad guy! We get it. But despite the dastardly reputation, his reaction to the return of Belle was sweet. The master of wordplay, Mr. Gold told Belle that he wouldn’t kill Regina but didn’t say anything about the Wraith murdering her son on his behalf.

Could love change Mr. Gold for good? Will Belle stick by his side even if/when things get tough?

What were your favorite moments of the season premiere of Once Upon a Time?

What do you think?

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  • Jamie

    While I’m really bummed that Snow and Charming are split up AGAIN, I’m really excited to see their storylines this season. Emma and Snow bonding in the fairytale realm should be awesome, and I’m also looking forward to seeing Henry have a real father figure for the first time, now that Charming is taking care of him. I’m so glad this show is finally back. I’m really sad that since I work late nights at DISH on Sunday nights, I can’t watch this show live with all my friends. I’d be even sadder though if I didn’t have my Hopper set up to record it for me. I love being able to turn it on the second I get home, and I never have to be out of the loop for long