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The X Factor Recap: Good, Bad and the Sad

6 years ago by Nadya Vlassoff


The X Factor returned for the second day of Boot Camp on Thursday as the singers competed for a spot in the final 24 before the Judge’s Homes round.

After a few disastrous performances on the first day of Boot Camp, Thursday night’s episode of The X Factor was similar with more nervous contestants, bad song choices, and sleepless nights. Of course, like any good reality TV competition, angst was in the air.

And cue the tears, folks! There were some EPIC meltdowns on Thursday along with the quasi-feud between Cece “I like face paint” Frey and Paige Thomas.

So, let’s start with …

The good:

Diamond White vs. Dinah Jane Hansen

Both did well but Diamond had better stage presence. Although Dinah forgot a few lyrics to Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger”, the judges loved her last two performances. She could be safe.

Beatrice Miller vs. Carly Rose Sonenclar

Move over Rachel Crowe, these 13 year olds have game, too! Foster the People’s “Pumped up Kicks” was an odd song choice but both handled the song with maturity beyond their years. They’ll make it through … or at least they better!

Brandon Hassan vs. Reed Demming

For the ten seconds that were aired, the two teens impressed the judges with their rendition of OneRepublic’s “Secrets”. One thing though: remember when Reed said that he didn’t want to be like Justin Bieber? Well, a new makeover wouldn’t be such a bad idea. That, or just a haircut. Give us something Reed.

Julia Bullock vs. Ally Brooke

This was a toss up. Ally performed marginally better than Julia on “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door”, but no more than any of the other female frontrunners. Still, they both remembered their lyrics. Kudos to the girls!

Arin Ray vs. Normani Hamilton

This X Factor performance had backstage romance written all over it. Despite the potential romantic chemistry, the two did a great job on One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful”. Like Arin said, it was time to focus on winning The X Factor, not on a girlfriend … at least until next week.

The Bad:

Cece Frey vs. Paige Thomas

Love Paige, dislike Cece. Honestly, Paige should have stuck up for herself and picked a song more suited to her musical style. One Republic’s “Secrets” wasn’t a bad choice but Paige did the beginning while Cece got the opportunity to wail at the end. Even if Cece makes it through to the live shows, she may get the boot early after turning off so many viewers.

Tara Simon vs. Jennel Garcia

No one likes a diva, especially one that hasn’t proven her worth. Tara Simon became public enemy #1. Jennel looked terrified on stage as Tara garbled out her half of Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide”. Naya Rivera already owned it on Glee and did a much better job.

The Sad:

Jillian Jensen vs. Latasha Robinson

Latasha broke down after forgetting the lyrics to Sugarland’s “Stay”. Although Latasha wasn’t the only singer to do it on day two, it still hurt. It was hard to watch as Jillian tried to mouth the words to Latasha. No dice. Jillian could only save herself and was rock solid in her performance.

Jeffrey Gutt vs. Guy with face

According to Simon, Jeff had his day. After a mediocre performance of The Band Perry’s tune, “If I Die Young”, Jeff finally got some recognition. As for guy with face? He didn’t even get a caption of his name.

Overall, day two of Boot Camp was a stress-fest for the singers. Even Britney Spears broke down a bit after all of the forgotten lyrics.

So, who stays and who gets the “boot” from Boot Camp?

The X Factor gave us a cliffhanger that only alluded to who would make it into the final 24.

[Spoiler Alert] We missed Panda Ross but according to her Twitter account, her time on The X Factor could be over. Say it ain’t so Simon!

Until next week!

What did you think of the singers this week on The X Factor?

What do you think?

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  • Bunianne

    Why have we not seen Panda Ross since she made it to boot camp??