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The Walking Dead Season 3: Top 3 Premiere Moments

6 years ago by Reg Seeton

Rick Grimes (Andrew Linclon) spots a prison in the distance in The Walking Dead Season 3 episode “Seed” – AMC

The Walking Dead returned to the AMC airwaves on Sunday night for bloody Season 3 zombie drama as Rick Grimes and the survivors stormed a prison.

When The Walking Dead returned for its third season on Sunday night with the episode “Seed”, fans saw deputy sheriff Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) lead the group of survivors to an abandoned prison for a high-stakes showdown with hungry zombie inmates.

As well, fans got their first real look at new Walking Dead character, Michonne, who mysteriously appeared in the Season 2 finale.

When it was all said and done after the Season 3 premiere of The Walking Dead, fans were treated to a few memorable moments that we won’t soon forget, including the final scene in which we learned that human prisoners are still alive inside the prison.

Here are our Top 3 moments from the Season 3 premiere:

Actress Danai Gurira in the Season 3 role of Michonne in The Walking Dead – AMC

Murderous Michonne

Although we saw Michonne in the Season 2 finale, fans got the bigger introduction to new Walking Dead actress Danai Gurira on Sunday night’s return. In the Season 3 premiere, Michonne was just downright awesome! Half-Samurai, half-warrior from The Walking Dead comic book, Michonne lopped off heads like an ancient pro.

When the zombies cornered Machonne inside a store, it was off with one head, half of another and two zombies for the price of one on the end of her sword.

Although the Season 3 premiere was amazing on so many levels, Michonne made a bloody yet spectacular entrance into the world of The Walking Dead.

It’s too bad that Rick and the others didn’t see her deadly ability to slice and dice. It just means that when the group of survivors finally do meet up with Michonne, we’ll likely see another awesome but deadly display of the blade.

Actress Lauren Cohan chops away at zombies in the role of Maggie in The Walking Dead – Photo: Gene Page/AMC

Prison Massacre

When Rick and the survivors discovered an abandoned prison, it didn’t take long for fans to get another zombie massacre. In an effort to get their own fortress away from the zombies, Rick, Daryl, and the rest of the survivors stormed the prison in a murderous rampage.

Under cover from the group, Rick slaughtered his way to a prison tower where he picked off zombies one-by-one with his rifle while the others laid waste to a pen of infected inmates.

The decision to move the characters into a prison was a brilliant move on behalf of the The Walking Dead writers. Although we’re not sure how long they’ll be there, it looks like Lori will be able to have her baby in “relative” peace. As well, the prison gives fans a break from the “characters on the run” format that we’ve seen over the past two seasons.

That leg’s gotta go!

We all knew that someone was going to get hurt, we just didn’t know who. As it turned out, Hershel became an unlucky victim after a zombie chomped on his leg in the final few minutes of the premiere. So, what did Rick do to potentially save Hershel’s life? In a mad frenzy, he hacked Hershel’s leg off with a dull axe! Yeah, an axe! And since amputation of uninfected leg requires lot more elbow grease, it only took Rick about a dozen chops to get the sucker away from Hershel’s body.

As for poor Hershel, well, it appears the old man’s now dead weight for the group.

What was your favorite moment in The Walking Dead premiere?

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