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Survivor: Philippines: Dana Lambert, “I was sick from the beginning”

6 years ago by Reg Seeton

Dana Lambert of the Kalabaw Tribe during the second episode of Survivor: Philippines. Photo: Monty Brinton/CBS© 2012

When Survivor: Philippines returned on Wednesday night, Dana Lambert of the Kalabaw tribe made the decision to leave the game early after falling sick.

This week on Survivor: Philippines, the members of the Kalabaw tribe noticed that something wasn’t quite right with the 32-year old Cosmetologist from Winston-Salem, North Carolina. After Dana became increasingly ill throughout the this week’s Survivor, which saw tribe mate Sarah Dawson voted out at Tribal Council, host Jeff Probst brought in the medical team.

Although the Survivor doctors said that Dana could continue for another twelve hours since her condition wasn’t life-threatening, Lambert chose to pull herself out of Survivor: Philippines based on the severity of her pain.

So, how tough was it for Dana to leave Survivor?

“It was a decision that I had been debating in my head for a while,” Dana admitted to The Deadbolt the day after.

“I was sick from the beginning,” Lambert continued. “So it wasn’t just like that night I finally got sick. I was sick for the whole twelve days that I was there. I was completely out of it, so it was a tough decision. I know the doctor said I had twelve more hours, but to me that was it. I didn’t quite get to the outlast part.”

Despite leaving her tribe one woman down, Kalabaw gained another member in former Matsinger, Denise, who was added when she and Malcom were split up at the start of this week’s episode.

Since Dana was sick from the start of Survivor: Philippines, was there anything she could have done beforehand to better prepare for the game?

“I don’t know if I could have done anything differently,” Dana added about preparing for the harsh Survivor elements. “I tried to gain weight and I worked out, quit smoking, and I tried to do everything that I could do. But I don’t really know that I could have changed anything to change the outcome. I think that was in the cards for me, I guess.”

How did you feel about Dana leaving Survivor: Philippines?

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