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SNL and Louis C.K. Address Hurricane Sandy

6 years ago by Reg Seeton

Saturday Night Live’s Bill Hader (left) and comedian Louis C.K. (right) address Hurricane Sandy in a weekend sketch – Photo: NBC

Comedian Louis C.K. hosted Saturday Night Live over the weekend in New York City to give people some much needed humor in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

While hosting SNL with musical guests Fun, Louis C.K. and the cast of Saturday Night Live addressed the impact of Hurricane Sandy on the east coast through some much need comedy in the wake of serious events in New York City.

Through a series of sketches, the opening monologue, and the weekend update, SNL took a break from the serious news coverage of Hurricane Sandy to make people laugh.

As the segments begin, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his animated translator address the city days after Hurricane Sandy hit land.

Louis C.K. performs stand-up about New York getting its power back after Hurricane Sandy and helping an old lady at the airport.

The Fox & Friends morning team welcomes Donald Trump who has another offer for President Obama and a FEMA worker who has valuable Hurricane Sandy recovery tips.

Weekend Update anchor Seth Meyers catches you up on the latest headlines, including Hurricane Sandy news.

Bloomberg’s Hurricane Sandy Address Cold Open

Louis CK Monologue

Fox and Friends: Hurricane Sandy

Weekend Update

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  • Happeh

    NBC was hacked by either the Obama re-election campaign or friends of Mayor Bloomberg.

    It is payback for the Saturday Night Live skit making fun of Christie saying what a great guy Obama is, or payback for ridiculing Bloomberg.

    You really think it happened the morning after the SNL skit by accident?