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Parks and Recreation Preview with Vice President Joe Biden

6 years ago by Nadya Vlassoff

Vice President Joe Biden makes a special guest cameo on Parks and Recreation in the November 15 episode “Leslie vs. April” – Photo: NBC/David Giesbrecht

Vice President Joe Biden will make a special guest appearance in the NBC comedy Parks and Recreation on November 15 in the episode “Leslie vs. April.”

For the upcoming guest spot, Joe Biden will join Parks and Recreation stars Amy Poehler and Adam Scott as Leslie Knope’s (Poehler) political crush.

Parks and Recreation executive producer, Michael Schur, recently revealed to EW that the hardest part of filming “Leslie vs. April” was keeping Joe Biden’s guest appearance under wraps. As reported, the Vice President and his family are big fans of the the NBC comedy, which made the booking process that much easier.

In “April vs. Leslie” the two women are at odds over Lot 46, which April (Aubrey Plaza) wants to convert into a dog park.

Vice President Biden joins a growing list of real-life political figures who have appeared on the show, which includes Senators John McCain and Barbara Boxer.

When Ben (Scott) takes Leslie to meet the Vice President, her reaction is priceless.

Now that the election is over and VP Joe Biden returns to the White House with President Barack Obama, it looks like both political heavyweights will have some fun watching Parks and Recreation on November 15.

What do you think about Biden’s appearance in Parks and Rec?

What do you think?

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