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The X Factor: Lyric 145 Reveals Reason for Song Switch

6 years ago by Reg Seeton

The X Factor group Lyric 145 was created and mentored by Simon Cowell for Season 2 – Photo: FOX

Following their elimination from The X Factor, Lyric 145 revealed the reason for their last minute song switch and their original plan for Week 16.

Earlier in The X Factor season, Simon Cowell paired previously eliminated singer Lyric da Queen (aka Lyric-Bianca Barnes) with the One4Five brother duo of Julian and Jemelle Joseph to form Lyric 145. As fans saw this season, Lyric 145 turned out to be a hip-hop match made in heaven.

Although the trio had little time to get acquainted, Lyric 145 made an impressive and memorable run into the Top 12. This week, however, a last minute song switch at midnight left the group scrambling to adapt.

After performing a mash-up of Queen’s rock anthem “We Will Rock You” and Katy Perry’s “E.T.”, Lyric 145 was the first act eliminated from competition on Thursday night before Jennel Garcia was sent home second.

But the song choice wasn’t what Lyric 145 had planned for this week’s live show.

“Basically, our original plan was to take a legendary diva song, which we did, and actually write our own original lyrics,” Lyric da Queen told The Deadbolt the day after being eliminated from The X Factor. “It was mix between a diva and hip-hop track and arguably was going to be our best performance yet. This is coming from the producers of the show.”

Although Lyric 145 took on the last minute challenge of singing a mash-up of Queen and Katy Perry, it was a lot of pressure for the trio to handle going into Week 16. A fan favorite all season long, Lyric 145 found themselves having to think quick on their feet to remain in competition.

Hip-hop group Lyric 145 performs live on The X Factor on November 14 – Photo: Ray Mickshaw / FOX

So, what actually happened only hours before this week’s performance?

“The night before the live show,” Lyric continued, “we got a call saying that we weren’t able to do the song that we had prepared. The night of the show we got a new song and had a couple of hours to perform a brand new song. It was very spur of the moment.”

Assembled as a group after being eliminated during auditions, Lyric Da Queen and brothers Julian and Jemelle Joseph of One4Five found the right chemsitry as a trio under Simon Cowell.

Although Lyric 145 didn’t see their potential as a group at the start of The X Factor, they quickly found their hip-hop groove to become early contenders.

Despite being eliminated, Lyric da Queen has no regrets about this week’s mash-up or their run on the show with mentor Simon Cowell.

“I’m actually proud of us for executing the performance the way we did,” added Lyric da Queen. “There was so little time we didn’t get to do what we [were going to do]. I’m a little disappointed to hear the judges say what they had to say because that was our plan, to do a hip-hop song with original lyrics. You have to take the good with the good, and the bad with the bad, and make the best out of the situation.”

Do you think Lyric 145 should have been eliminated?

What do you think?

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  • brad008

    I loath most hip-hop…yet Lyric 145 seemed to have fantastic potential and should have not been eliminated. Think Daughtry.