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The X Factor Recap: Another Two Bite the Dust

6 years ago by Nadya Vlassoff

The Top 10 singers pose for a photo shoot on The X Factor – Photo: FOX

The X Factor returned for another double elimination episode on Thursday night that narrowed down the contestants to the Top 8 on Thanksgiving Day.

The X Factor opened on a lighter note than the previous night of personal dedications with footage of the original Top 12 who surprised students of Bancroft Middle School with a new music room. Before the results were announced, the Bancroft students joined the remaining Top 10 singers on-stage for a performance of Coldplay’s “Fix You.”

The first elimination of the night sent Arin Ray home after the Top 10 singer received the least number of votes. Although it was sad to watch Arin leave The X Factor, mentor Britney Spears gave words of advice that Ray should use the show as a learning experience since he has the potential to be a great singer. Unfortunately, bad song choices led to Arin’s downfall. Good luck to you, Arin!

As the night continued, The X Factor UK’s Cher Lloyd took the stage with Becky G. for a performance of the new single “Oath.” Although Lloyd didn’t win the seventh season of the The X Factor UK, she went on to sign a record deal and has since sold over 3 million albums worldwide. Lloyd proved that there’s still success beyond The X Factor, you just have to find it.

When it came time for the second elimination, Beatrice Miller and Cece Frey fell into the bottom two. Beatrice was shaken by the news but Cece tried to comfort the young teen before the two took the stage for their sing-off.

Arin Ray (left) and Beatrice Miller (right) sing in Top 10 competition on The X Factor – Photo: FOX

Cece hit the Fox stage first with Kelly Clarkson’s “Because of You” before Beatrice took on Dido’s “White Flag.” Beatrice held it together to give fans an emotionally magnetic performance, but Simon, Demi, and L.A. chose to send Miller home instead of CeCe.

At 13, it’s hard to fully grasp such a big disappointment. Although we didn’t see a replay of Rachel Crowe’s meltdown from season one, Beatrice was absolutely crushed.

According to Simon, Beatrice wasn’t ready for The X Factor at this time in her life. We believe in you, Beatrice. Your voice is just too unique for you to give up on music.

With both eliminations out of the way, the Top 8 returned to the stage for the new rankings. The Top 4 were the same four acts as last week. However, Carly Rose Sonenclar finally took the top spot after two straight weeks at #2. She deserved it after an incredible performance of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” on Wednesday night.

Top 8 Rankings
1. Carly Rose Sonenclar
2. Tate Stevens
3. Vino Alan
4. Emblem3
5. Diamond White
6. Paige Thomas
7. Fifth Harmony
8. Cece Frey

Did you agree with the eliminations this week on The X Factor?

What do you think?

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  • Sandra

    No week after week Cece is voted in the bottom because poeple just don’t like her she is insincere when she cries or tells a story and we see that and the fact that the judges keep saving her over better singers and constants that people like and would rally behind is Ludacris to me they see something that the rest of America has failed to see and quite frankly doesn’t want to see Beatrice was an amazing little singer her voice was so unique its a shame.

  • I don’t like Cece.she can go home let Beatrice come back she is better then Cece.

  • berny

    Beatrice miller is unique…i like cece frey but just dont see her as anything fesh and new

  • ThomasNeidhart

    I regret watching this for the first time this year. I couldn’t believe how badly nearly every single “singer” performed. Off key and warbling vocals are appreciated in America? I guess when the “artist of the year” is a teen who’s main focal point is cool hair, and not a captivating voice or writing skill, then you’ll get people like this on shows who are mostly just attractive, but lack, shall I say, a higher level of aptitude at live vocals?

  • flywatt

    Beatrice was boring. CeCe was more exciting with her spit-fire attitude. The judges recommended she lose her confidence, which reflects in her singing. I think they need to let CeCe loose on the competition and the world. Let her do her thing! . .

    • I agree totally … I think the judges are messing Cece up! She sings beautiful! Dye your hair back brown and sing like you did on the first few episodes! She is letting them change her, I liked her with her attidude! I hope she wins!!!!!

  • christieo

    beatrice is phenomenal. cece is a nasty b…. who would stab her co-singers in the back if she had a chance. get her out of here. all of a sudden she is acting sweet and kind, yeah, right.

  • Anon

    Can you write an article about the hosts And how awkward they are?