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Is Justin Bieber Really the New Michael Jackson?

6 years ago by Nadya Vlassoff

Justin Bieber poses for the “Believe” album; Michael Jackson poses for his “Dangerous” album

Justin Bieber sat down with Oprah Winfrey for a new interview in which Oprah compared Bieber’s popularity to that of the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

Ahead of her interview with Justin Bieber for Oprah’s Next Chapter on November 25, Oprah recently tweeted that she hasn’t done an interview with a star of such popularity since her famous chat with Michael Jackson in 1993.

In a new preview of the interview, Oprah admitted to Bieber that “there’s never been a star like you.”

Although the fan hysteria surrounding Justin Bieber has been similar to the love that fans had for Michael Jackson, Oprah also revealed that “Bieber fever” reminded her of the The Beatles craze back in the late 60s.

But Oprah noticed something different about the fan base of Justin Bieber. “Those tremendous legends, who really changed the face of music for our culture,” added Oprah, “did not have a stardom like yours — like a rise of stardom like yours. You are a product, to a great extent, of social media. Therefore, there’s never been a star like you.”

Although Oprah makes a good point, is she right? Just because Justin Bieber has social media on his side in terms of popularity, does that make Bieber the new Michael Jackson?

Sure Justin Bieber is on top of the pop world, but it’s a bit more complex.

Is Justin Bieber more popular than Frank Sinatra in the 1950s? How about Elvis Presley? The Beatles? What about the Bee Gees in the 1970s or Madonna was in the 80s? How about Britney Spears in the 90s?

Is Justin Bieber really more popular now than Michael Jackson was in the 1970s, 80s, and beyond?

Since Bieber is only 18, it’s way too early to compare him to Michael Jackson. And to put things into perspective, Michael Jackson was already a mega-star with the Jackson 5 by the time he was 18 with four solo studio albums between 1972 and 1978. If you include what The Jackson 5 accomplished, there’s no way Bieber comes close.

But Jackson’s career as a solo artist didn’t truly take off until 1979 at the age of 21 with the release of Off the Wall. It wasn’t until three years later at the age of 24 that Michael Jackson took over the world with Thriller.

Following the release of Off the Wall, Michael Jackson went on to chart 26 Top 10 singles, half of those #1, and enjoy five consecutive #1 albums.

So, the question is:

At 18, has Justin Bieber reached the same heights as Michael Jackson when he was the same age?

Interestingly, Bieber already has impressive numbers under his belt with three consecutive #1 albums (four if you include Never Say Never: The Remixes) and four Top 10 singles.

But the reality is that no one could ever replace Michael Jackson. There’s no doubt that Justin Bieber is the reigning pop king at the moment. But to even come close to impacting the world in the same manner as Michael Jackson, it’s not about what Bieber is doing now at 18. It’s about how Justin Bieber will evolve as a person and artist to touch the world.

Perhaps the better question is this:

Can Justin Bieber leave the same impact on the world as Michael Jackson? Only time will tell. As we know, pop stars come and go but there was only one Michael Jackson.

How do you guys feel? Is Justin Bieber really the new Michael Jackson?

What do you think?

Nadya Vlassoff joined The Deadbolt in 2009 and currently serves as associate content director and contributing editor. A former writer for the boutique apparel and accessories blog, Nadya has interviewed and worked with a variety of top names in pop culture, fashion, entertainment and sports.
  • michael jackson is michael jackson, justin bieber is justin bieber period.

  • JBMJfan1

    I’m a big fan of Justin and Michael, BUTJustin Bieber is your typical heartthrob pop star. With One Direction coming up so fast, you won’t hear of The Biebs in 3 years. Michael was a true talent who revolutionized the industry.

    The answer: No one is the next Michael Jackson, especially Justin Bieber

    • Tiamat333

      Exactly. Once Justin grows out of his cute girlie-boy phase nobody will give a $hit.

  • JJ

    The people are saying ‘bye bye bye’ to ‘señorita’ jusinte keebler. ‘What comes around goes around’. ‘Damn girl’ i’d like to ‘rock your body’ but that just aint ‘my style’. You like to let everyone know about your fat stack but your still lacking that ‘sexy back’. Don’t you have a pantry? Can’t you keep it stocked? You should spend a little less time with thy black man’s cock. ‘Billie jean’ called she wants her moves back. oh and thanks for the child support see you on VH1 in 20 years. You fucking queer! lets slow this down. You should ‘spend a little more time on you’. Rub it clockwise. lets move ahead forward in time. Hey what is the difference between katie and selena? The kid survived. Your ‘girlfriend’ is no longer a dime. She lost her hair after the abortion. Extortin. the little weanie its little late to start eating your wheaties. Carrot top is waiting for your call he got the shit you been looking for. PCT left hanging limp. The DHT stole your hair at least you ain’t a little wimp right. What did you really mean it when you said ‘i want you back?’. Its cool ‘do your thing’ squirt. Though a word of advice, ‘no strings attached, it is something I got to assert – this may hurt- but you need to change your fucking skirt!

    • trishy2

      Fricken psycho…..

  • Vince

    I have a 1 word answer to the question posed.. uhhhhhhhhhhhh….

  • Robert Union

    Hell no, cut that ish out. U can not compare that clown to a legend! So stop it.

  • Isabella Bieber here!!!


  • ASolutionToAProblem

    Really? How can you compare this joke to Michael Jackson? He is nothing but a no talent hack.

    • fuck u

      no talent hack? yeah thats why oprah wanted to interview him. thats also why his album was #1 in 36 countries first day of release cause ppl wanna listen to no talent hacks. dumbass.

      • ASolutionToAProblem

        YES, the younger generation will listen to whatever radio commercialism makes popular. It does not matter if he can sing. The younger generation has zero taste in music. They will listen to whatever commercial radio shoves down their throats. I should know, I work as a DJ at a rock station.
        I would never expect such language from a girl. I know you are not a guy, because no guy would ever defend Bieber unless they themselves were are gay as him. I never said people did not want to listen to his garbage. It has been proven that you can have exactly ZERO talent and still be very successful. This is called the “Taylor Swift Effect”. She could not carry a tune if it was strapped to her boney back. But she is very successful. Oprah is past her prime. She hoped by interviewing Bieber that it would help her sinking rating on OWN.

  • marhensa



  • junior

    How can you even compare him 2 the great Michael Jackson?? Dont even put him in the same sentence as Jackson. Justin is a wanna be

  • Thorien

    The only thing Justin has on Michael is that he’s naturally white and feminine.

    • Tiamat333

      Lol. You nailed it there. Best comment yet.

      • Thorien

        Thanks – thought I was in for it with that one!

        • google


  • Martin

    Hell no period.

  • Justin bieber has no hits.

  • Joe Davis

    WHAt the Fuck!!!!!!!! Wait? What The Fuck!!! Wait? WHAT THE FUCK?!?

  • not fagget beiber

    i am the nxt fcking mjackson not beiber gayerrr

  • Pfpfpfttt !!! HA! HA!

  • I definitely disagree with Oprah in whatever she was trying to say about Bieber. Granted, Beiber is very popular and loved by millions, so I won’t bash him and the next sentence praise Michael Jackson like some MJ fans do. Bieber is for this generation. I’m from the Jackson 5 generation and grew up with their music and loved Michael from when he first started his career. There will be no other talent like Michael Jackson. Ever. This brother was from another planet, my friends. 🙂

  • Adam

    This Justin Bieber is NOT and will NEVER be “the next” Michael Jackson, the UNMATCHED GENIUS. Only Michael Jackson can be compared to Michael Jackson. And Oprah is another NOBODY who made a lot of money THANKS TO MICHAEL JACKSON. Her stupid opinion has NO value, just like her.

  • Glen

    There is only one king, the one and only Michael Jackson. Forever the best, the rest all try to imitate him,but will not ever duplicate him. He has inspired a whole generation

  • karenl.grace01

    It’s absolutely been seen before, Oprah: Donny Osmond was as big or bigger than Beibs in terms of hysteria and media craziness . They are basically the same creature: marginal vocal and musical ability, marginal but noticable charisma( more than your average pimply face teen), cute girly looks. It is the typical formula. But someone forgot to tell Beibs that he is the product of this cash formula. He is not Michael Jackson, not in the same league with Michael Jackson, and will never get even close to Michael Jackson in terms of genius, talent, charismatic magic , uniqueness, or raw sexuality/ sensuality. Michael Jackson rode into this world as a bright comet blazing and his light is still trailing through the sky. Beibs , like so many , is trying to ride on the tail of MJ’s star dust and claim Michael’s magic for himself . It’s not claimable. He can ape Michael’s moves, style and copy his lyrics ( apparently, he set out to write “his Billy Jean ” – make me barf), but you can’t catch lightning in a jar and keep it for yourself. He will be a has-been by the time he is 25.

    • Tiamat333

      Well said. You should take credit for your writing and not just be a nameless “Guest”.

    • Michael Jackson fan mania and fan hysteria was larger, bigger and more impressive than for any artist, the so.called Beatlesmania pales before the Jacksonmania (ie. 3000 fans during a gig in Paris in 1988 were injured or fainted)

      The thing is that the USA (the 52 states) are not the whole world, as well as the UK, and regarding Michael Jackson, one has to think about him being GLOBAL – WORLDWIDE!

      • Tiamat333

        Greetings Brandon. Which clan of Zeta Reticuli are you from? Maybe we’re related. Lol. Seriously though I agree with you about MJ. To even have JB’s picture side by side with MJ seems like sacrilege!

  • He is a handsome kid, but he doesn’t have that magical aura and energy
    that Michael had. Check out this latest MJ’s exploitation… a line of
    perfumes. This is so nauseating…

  • HarryRR

    The answer is a big NO WAY.

    Comparing Justin Bieber the biggest names in the history of music (Michael Jackson and the Beatles) does NOT sound right at all. No one, i repeat – no one, can ever be as BIG as MJ or the Beatles.

  • The Joy Doctor

    No way, thatcomparison is way too comical. The only one that could compare to MJ is a little high heeled man from Minneapolis. Justin Beiber is just a media sensation creation.

  • Jimmy Vu

    That clown, ARE YOU SERIOUS?!! Don’t compare him to a legend like Micheal Jackson!

    • google

      Im with u bro

  • Damo

    Justin Bieber = Justin Timberlake … remember they said HE WAS THE NEXT MJ but he isn’t SINGING ANYMORE his time is past, Same will happen to Bieber, he will be designing MAN BAGS in five years time.
    OPRAH is one DUMB BITCH to say that JB is MORE FAMOUS than MJ or The Beatles…..

  • Oh please…, Michael Jackson has been THE ONLY ONE REAL GLOBAL ICON, like nobody before, on all continents, countries like India, China, Middle East, Africa, South America, Asia… (that status never had Elvis or the Beatles).

    Michael Jackson has had the largest fan base ever, after 40+ years he sold out his tour that unfortunately never performed.

    This comparison Justin vs. Michael is ridiculous, at least because if somebody like Oprah says something, it does not mean anything revelant.

    Michael Jackson is the MOST SUCCESSFUL entertainer and most awarded artist ever, and he reached that without the Internet and social nets!

    Any attempt to boost Justins PR agenda is nonsens, because there were a few new kings of pop like Justin Timberlake or Usher, or Robbie Williams… and where are they now?

    Bieberes songs/performances has no-zero iconic status, no cultural heritage… and those screaming teens… are seening anything else but not culture, any artistic taste or a historical context and the music impact for next generations.

    He is one of the new products, just like there were Girl Power from Spice Girls, the Britney mania, or Hanna Montana aka Miley Cyrus… and… where are they now?


    the sales for ‘Believe’ are anemic, so no

  • maria

    Ummmm what? Michael Jackson is an icon..who influenced dance, music, pop culture, fashion, the music video…etc…To even compare the two is ludicrous….MJ always will be the King.

  • joanne

    When I was 7, my whole neighbourhood was blasting MJ’s songs, everyone fr 5 to 70 knew his songs, I am a teacher now and most of my 7 yrs old doesn’t who is JB.

  • joanne

    Besides, can you imagine internet was introduce at MJ’s prime..

  • MikeAngel23

    This is the ultimate disrespect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I “like” Justin; but I adore Michael!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Maria Vicoria

    Justin Bieber is new and better than Michael J.
    Nobody is going to chance my mind. I am the #1 fan of JB, he is the best.
    Of course JB is and always will be the king of the pop.

  • Maria Vicoria

    MJ is not that good, he is past, and JB is the brand new kind of the pop.
    Michael J. not eny more, he is not a legent like every one say.Anyone is goin to change my mind. I am the #1 Justin Bieber fan.

  • google

    Hell fucking NO Justin beiber is not no Michael Jackson …..Justin is good but not a legend ….I better not hear any one say that I will drop their asses. Sorry jb but ur nothing compared to Michael Jackson


    well . . if that happens (JB becomes the new MJ) . . .can his millions of fans accept JB becoming obssess with children later in his life…. . . ?????? . . .just asking . . . and only if it happens . . .

  • Mercedes

    Did I just read that right there is no freakin way Justin is the next Michael I really disagree with that sorry Justin but u might be good looking but u will never be the next Michael Jackson

  • Astar123456

    Come back to me when people all over the world know and love Justin Bieber because people in America,England, China, Africa, Pakistan, India Scotland, Ireland, Brazil, Portugal and much much more of the world loved MJ. Also come back to me when JB has revolutionized dance and come back to me when JB has broken the world record in selling the most albums in the world and lastly come back to me when JB has influenced artists all over the world like MJ did…. MJ influenced the guy who brought JB into this business yes Usher was influenced by MJ so i’m not even going to bring up Thriller and how much that sold even to this day no album has beaten thriller in terms of selling… That one Thriller album shits on everything JB has accomplished up until this date… So yeah JB is better in your so called mind but in reality MJ’s better statistics say so I go on facts you little girl just go on your on flimsy opinion…. Oh yeah and come back to me when JB has sold out concerts in a time frame of 2 hours also come back to me when JB has people of all ages men and woman alike fainting in his concerts because MJ had all of those things I listed out JB has yet 1 fan fainting on him lmfao