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Dan Brown’s “Inferno” Novel Gets May 14 Release Date

6 years ago by Nadya Vlassoff

Dan Brown’s “Inferno” will be released on May 14, 2013 – Photo:

The new Dan Brown novel “Inferno” will be released on May 14, 2013 after both Brown and Doubleday confirmed the upcoming publication on Tuesday morning.

During a stop on the Today show, author Dan Brown also announced ‘Inferno” after a social media puzzle helped fans unlock the title on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #DanBrownToday. Each reader’s’ profile picture then claimed a tile in a mosaic that eventually revealed the the title to be “Inferno.”

“Inferno” features the return of professor Robert Langdon, a renowned Harvard symbologist. Set in Italy, “Inferno” centers around literary masterpiece of Dante Alighieri’s “Inferno”, the first part of the famous poet’s lengthy epic called the “Divine Comedy”.

An estimated 4 million copies of “Inferno” will be available in the first print.

“Although I studied Dante’s Inferno as a student,” said Brown on his website, “it wasn’t until recently, while researching in Florence, that I came to appreciate the enduring influence of Dante’s work on the modern world.”

Inferno’s 2013 release also marks the 10-year anniversary of the first publication of The Da Vinci Code.

“With this new novel, I am excited to take readers on a journey deep into this mysterious realm,” added Brown, “a landscape of codes, symbols, and more than a few secret passageways.”

Pre-order “Inferno ” by Dan Brown this way on Amazon.

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