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Inside Paranormal Activity 4 on Blu-ray with Katie Featherston

6 years ago by Reg Seeton
Actress Katie Featherston in Paranormal Activity 4 - Photo: Paramount Pictures

Actress Katie Featherston in Paranormal Activity 4 – Photo: Paramount Pictures

Paranormal Activity 4 actress Katie Featherston recently shared her thoughts on the latest film in the popular horror franchise as it arrives on Blu-ray and DVD.

After appearing in the first three Paranormal Activity films, Katie Featherston returned to the role of possessed character Katie in Paranormal Activity 4. Five years removed from where the second film left off, Paranormal Activity 4 continued story of evil surrounding Katie and her nephew Hunter as a new family began to experience strange and deadly unexplained events.

Although the first Paranormal Activity was Katie Featherston’s breakout role as an actress, Katie has since gone on to appear in all four films in the popular horror franchise. In the latest chapter, Featherston starred with young actors Kathryn Newton, Matt Shively, Aiden Lovekamp, and Brady Allen who all became entangled in the latest supernatural mystery.

Ahead of the Blu-ray release of Paranormal Activity 4, The Deadbolt caught up with Katie Featherston for an exclusive chat about the fourth film, her connection to Katie, and her status on Paranormal Activity 5.

Paranormal Activity 4 on Blu-rayTHE DEADBOLT: After working on all of the Paranormal Activity films, is it hard to watch them from a fan’s perspective?

KATIE FEATHERSTON: It’s not hard to watch from a fan’s perspective when I’m in a large audience. I end up watching the audience and it’s hard not to get into the energy and groove in the room when they’re getting so scared.

I truthfully don’t watch them by myself because I get scared. I guess that would be from an audience’s perspective. So, no, it’s not hard.

The way we film is so improvisational and so fluid that you never really know what’s going to be in the final cut. The first time that you watch it is almost like a surprise and you haven’t seen the movie before. It’s a fun process and a fun movie to see when it’s finally finished.

THE DEADBOLT: How do you emotionally connect to Katie as a possessed character?

FEATHERSTON: Well, there’s poor, nice Katie who’s trapped in there somewhere, which I hope that someday she has a resurgence. For the possessed Katie, it’s just about enjoying the power.

From and actor’s standpoint, I’m in charge. Everybody’s scared of me and I don’t really have to be wild and crazy because this is my thing. That’s really fun, that sort of power. The confidence in that power is a really fun thing to play with. It helps me be understated with it and not over-the-top, which I think is really fun.

THE DEADBOLT: Are people afraid of you now when they see you on the street?

FEATHERSTON: No, I don’t think so. If they are, they usually don’t say anything. Most are just really nice and excited and love to tell me their stories. Some like to ask what I’m doing. I had great, great customer service the other day at a store. I had four employees asking if they could get me anything. They were so nervous but they were so nice. It made my day.

THE DEADBOLT: How was it being on set knowing the franchise is so popular as compared to the first film and not knowing?

FEATHERSTON: The first movie was just the three of us. We weren’t thinking of anything outside of the three of us and just making the best movie possible. Now, sure there’s a level of knowing it’s successful and wanting it to continue to challenge and please the fans, but there’s also just this sense of play and love.

We really get along well and it’s a fun set to be on. It’s so creative and there’s so much time for improv to get the best material that we can. There’s also a nice feeling that when you’re doing something that you know people are excited about, it makes you even more excited to do it well. Both are good but it’s amazing that we’ve come this far. I’m very thankful.

THE DEADBOLT: Have you signed on for a fifth movie yet?

FEATHERSTON: No. I’m really excited to see where they’re going to go with it. We’ll see if they need me. If they do, I’ll be thrilled to be there and excited either way. I know and trust that they’ll continue to make a movie that fans will really like. So, I’m supportive and excited to see what happens.

Kathryn Newton stars in Paranormal Activity 4 - Photo: Paramount

Kathryn Newton stars in Paranormal Activity 4 – Photo: Paramount

THE DEADBOLT: While working on the fourth film, did you see a little of your younger self in Kathryn Newton?

FEATHERSTON: She is her own gal. She is amazing! I remember meeting her for the first time in the audition process when I showed up to help out and she was talking about golfing. I made a joke, “Oh yeah, I could go pro.” Of course I was just being a ham and kidding but she was like, “Oh yeah, me too!” And she was being serious.

I was like, “Really, you could be a pro golfer?” She was like, “Well, I could but I have school and I like to act.” I was like, “Wow! Right. Of course!”

She really is amazing. She’s a great gal. I have no doubt she’s going to go on to do great things.

THE DEADBOLT: Is there a connection between you as an actress using your imagination to play the role, and the movie demanding the audience to use their imagination?

FEATHERSTON: I think it all stems from the movies – especially the first one – being so improvisational and attempting to be really relatable. I think that anything we show you is going to be less effective than what your own imagination can create. Just like I think – with this style of movie at least – any lines written on paper will be less authentic than what the actor comes up with at the moment. That doesn’t go for all movies, but certainly this type.

I think those things do compliment each other. Hopefully we’ve created a world that’s relatable and seems like these could be the guys next door or they could be my family. I think that’s part of what makes these movies work.

THE DEADBOLT: What did you like most about the story picking up after the second film and the timeline of how the fourth film fit into franchise?

FEATHERSTON: Well, first of all, I liked that we didn’t answer the immediate question of where Katie and Hunter went when they walked out the door. I liked that some time had passed, because there’s still so many questions in there that need to be answered, which I think is really fun.

I liked bringing in a new family without losing the connection to the world as a whole. I think that’s a really smart way to keep the world interesting without losing that connection. In think that was important.

Paranormal Activity 4 is released on Blu-ray and DVD Combo with “The Recovered Files” on Tuesday, January 29, 2013.

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