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New Extended Mercedes-Benz Super Bowl Ad Has ‘Sympathy for the Devil’

6 years ago by Reg Seeton
Actor Willem Defoe plays the Devil in the new Mercedes-Benz Super Bowl commercial

Actor Willem Defoe plays the Devil in the new Mercedes-Benz Super Bowl commercial

Mercedes-Benz released their new extended Super Bowl ad featuring actor Willem Defoe as the Devil who offers a dream deal that includes Kate Upton and Usher.

In the newly released extended Super Bowl game day commercial called “Soul” for the Mercedes CLA, the Rolling Stones hit “Sympathy for the Devil” kicks off the clip in which a young dude is offered a life-changing deal with the Devil (Willem Defoe).

The Mercedes devil of a deal takes him on a high-octane adventure with Sports Illustrated model Kate Upton and Grammy Award-Winning musical artist, Usher.

The Super Bowl spot also reveals the new four-door Mercedes CLA with a turbocharged, 208-hp inline-4 engine. Starting at under $30k, Mercedes-Benz is aiming the CLA at a wider, younger demographic.

The new Super Bowl commercial was filmed in New Orleans where Mercedes-Benz has taken part in several charitable programs for rebuilding and cleaning up the city post-Katrina. In addition, they are also the official sponsor of the New Orleans Superdome, the host stadium of Super Bowl XLVII.

What do you make of the new Super Bowl spot and the Mercedes CLA?

What do you think?

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  • Excellent!

  • mehmoreree

    Meh. Willem Dafoe and a Rolling Stone song does not a good commercial make, says yoda.

    • korbermeister

      The sentence structure would be A lot different if Yoda had actually said that.

  • That was better than any Superbowl commercial I’ve ever seen. Congrats to Mercedes to getting a whole new market into their cars.

  • Johnnymoon

    It looks like Napolean’s Retreat, the place my wife chose for our wedding. It’s a great place. Great commercial. The were smart to sponsor the Dome.

  • Defacing Masons as Satanic to sell your cars a great commercial lost all its class as has Mercedes