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Stand Alone Star Wars Movies Confirmed by Disney CEO

6 years ago by Reg Seeton
The characters of Star Wars across all films in the Disney/Lucasfilm galaxy - Photo: Lucasfilm

The characters of Star Wars across all films in the Disney/Lucasfilm galaxy – Photo: Lucasfilm

New stand alone Star Wars movies have been confirmed by Walt Disney Pictures CEO Bob Iger following rumors that LucasFilm has plans for a Yoda film.

The web was set ablaze with new Star Wars fire on Tuesday when word broke that LucasFilm and Disney were planning a stand alone Yoda movie and other films beyond the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII, Episode VIII and Episode IX.

The Star Wars spin-off movies are indeed a reality says Iger who confirmed the news on CNBC (tipped by CinemaBlend).

“There has been speculation about some stand alone films in development,” said Iger, “and I can confirm to you today that in fact we are working on a few stand alone films.”

Iger went on to say that Lawrence Kasdan, who penned Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, and writer Simon Kinberg are both working on new Star Wars films about “great Star Wars characters that are not part of the overall saga.” The Disney CEO also mentioned that a number of other Star Wars films will be released in the six year period between Episode VII and Episode IX.

Iger also revealed that the impact on Star Wars fans will be even greater than ever with new products and properties in the Star Wars atmosphere.

In other news, Iger confirmed that Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg are both serving as consultants on Episode VII under the direction of J.J. Abrams.

The latest news sheds a lot more light on the involvement of Kasdan and Kinberg after rumors broke last year that the writers were working on Episode VIII and Episode IX. Now it appears they are in some capacity.

Which Star Wars character do you think should get a stand alone movie?

What do you think?

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  • SamCenturion

    Boba Fett… now!!!

  • oscar

    That would be cool if they keep makeing star wars movies

  • James Woods

    If any Star Wars character deserves a stand alone movie, it has got to be General Thrawn from Timothy Zahn’s trilogy that takes place shortly after Episode VI. There is a chance that the new movies coming out might already be about him. If that’s the case, then my second choice would have to be a movie about Boba Fett. Boba’s life consistently ties in with the lives of the main characters, but he is commonly overlooked in the movies as just the guy who captured Han Solo. But in the “Expanded Universe”, or in other words the Star Wars outside of the movies, he lives a very interesting life. If your interested in reading about General Thrawn or Boba Fett (or any thing about Star Wars for that matter), I highly recommend you look them up at (the Star Wars wiki).

    • Darth Cincinnatus

      I’m with you on that, and just a correction: His Rank is Grand Admiral, because if he’s a General, it wouldn’t be enough to command an entire fleet of Stardestroyers