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Elysium Review : Great Action But A Lackluster Ending

5 years ago by AG Wrider
Matt Damon In Elysium - Photo: (c) 2013 TriStar Pictures

Matt Damon In Elysium – Photo: (c) 2013 TriStar Pictures

Elysium is good and worth seeing. B+. Slow to start but picks up speed. Based in an overpopulated world (Los Angeles) in 2154, Matt Damon is radiated at work and then fired; 5 days to live.  The only answer is to get to Elysium, the orbiting habitat with the ‘cure all’ machines.

Matt goes to any length to get there. He bolts on an exo-suit, goes on a data-grab for the local boss (that predictably goes wrong) for a chance to be smuggled onto Elysium. He is chased by the bad guy (Kruger – Sharlto Copley) the rest of the movie.

Jodie Foster plays a bad guy well as the power hungry administrator of Elysium. But Copley is great! Matt runs into his childhood love, Alice Braga, and her terminally ill daughter. Another reason to get to Elysium.

Action is good. There could be more. A few slow spots that could be deleted. Also, a lackluster ending.


Photo: (c) 2013 TriStar Pictures

Photo: (c) 2013 TriStar Pictures

Why don’t they have one or two ‘cure-all’ machines on Earth? Matt will stumble at the most opportune times. The psychosis of Copley cannot be underestimated but he does a poor job of wacking Foster. Foster dies poorly, but dies. The end is not so good. There are flash backs from the beginning of the movie, a realization of Matt that there is something more than him (after he blows up Copley), and a slow moving progression to a single key stroke.

What do you think?