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“Insidious Chapter 2” A Sequel That Should Have Never Gotten Started

5 years ago by Kelsey Musselman
Danielle Bisutti as ‘Michelle’ in FilmDistrict’s INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 2. Photo credit: Matt Kennedy

Danielle Bisutti as ‘Michelle’ in FilmDistrict’s INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 2. Photo credit: Matt Kennedy

After suffering through “Insidious Chapter 2” @InsidiousMovie or as I would like to call, “crap,” yes, I quoted myself…A sense of wanting to watch something, anything besides this disaster becomes a top priority  to any movie goer dumb enough to see it.  Following the original “Insidious” that premiered back in  April of 2011, “Insidious Chapter 2” continues the  story of the Lambert family who believe it or not  are STILL being haunted by demonic elements of the spiritual world. Which leads me to a letter I wrote  about the film….

Dear “Insidious Chapter 2” #Insidious,

Just because you have creepy baby toys, rocking horses, dramatic loud noises when nothing is  happening, does not make any of your cliched techniques any more scarier than the last time they were used (“Insidious.”) Please give up. On life. And on any more sequels you have up your sleeve.  I don’t know if the world can handle another “Land Before Time” syndrome and all the roman numerals that come with it. Yes, this is only your second attempt unfortunately it was two too many. Thanks for the effort, but enough is enough,

Signed and many thanks,

For all of those who weren’t smart enough to leave the theater and save 2 hours of your lives you can always go see “The Conjuring” or “You’re Next” two horror movies that are in theaters and actually pretty good.

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  • tk

    Dude that first movie was scary as hell
    ….your just sour money can’t buy peoples admiration it takes actual amusement and in this circumstance ..fear….I refuse to watch paranormal activity though that s corny stuff