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The Rover – a Dark and Violent Film

4 years ago by Chris

The Rover is one of the grittiest and bleakest films to have graced the screens after a very long time. The movie targets a different audience who can relate to the events that may come to be if things continue on their course of action.

The story begins with the opening titles informing the audience that the movie continues ten years after the ‘collapse’. However, initially you are unaware of the events and how things have become so gruesome. The Australian Outback has been used as the setting for the film; it is refreshing considering that filmmakers were less concerned about special effects and more focused on the story and realism this time.

Eric (Guy Pearce) is enraged by injustice as a couple of barbaric hoodlums have stolen his car. So, taking things in his own hands, he chases after these culprits to retrieve his indispensable possession. During his journey, he is assisted by Rey (Robert Pattinson) who is actually the brother to one of the thieves. Since he was injured and left to die, he is cornered by Eric and has no other option but to join him in his hunt.

The Rover manages to illustrates how society is gradually breaking and giving away to rot. It does manage to acknowledge this dissolution with the darkest of humor. Even despite featuring a few characters on screen, you will realize how each character is dealing with a serious wound of one kind or another. The story focuses on the unconcerned behavior of the characters as the world reaches its demise, yet it tries to find some sort of grace to justify the attitude that is born out of ignorance.

The movie does seem to be a rebuttal to Mad Max series. However, it does provide a unique perspective that has never been attempted before. The desolate future is lightly sketched rather than being fully explained. This will definitely create a sense of curiosity that has been absent in films for quite some time now.

Photo credit: The Rover film

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