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Final Season Premiere of NBC’s Parenthood Tonight

4 years ago by admin

The Braverman family are back for the final season of NBC’s hit family drama series, Parenthood. You can expect the emotions to be running high throughout the farewell season. We left off in the May season 5 finale with Joel seemingly having an awakening of what he is missing out on with his estranged wife, Julia and kids. As the new season begins, it seems Julia may be pulling away after fighting so hard with no response.

Amber was in the hospital with former flame, Ryan, after sustaining horrible injuries overseas. What does the future hold for Amber? There’s a surprise! And her brother Drew is finally returning to Berkley. Will their Mom, Sarah (Lauren Graham of Gilmore Girls) be able to move forward in her relationship with Hank (Ray Barone)?

The big storyline in the upcoming season, is the oldest Braverman sibling, Adam and his wife Kristina, who have decided to open their own school for children like their own son, Max, who struggles in traditional school due to his Asperger’s Syndrome. Adam also runs the family recording studio, The Lunchonette, with his brother Crosby.

Check the trailer for the final season as we bid farewell to Parenthood.

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