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As above, So below – a Journey Into Madness and Terror

4 years ago by Chris

If you have seen Paranormal Activity but didn’t find it interesting or scary, perhaps As Above, So Below may entertain you. It is a found-footage horror film written and directed by John Erick Dowdle with his brother. The movie has a rather unique plot and doesn’t fail to disappoint horror freaks.

It starts with Scarlett Marlowe, the lead actress in the film, as a young academy scholar who is continuing her deceased father’s work. Scarlett wants to fulfill her dad’s wish and wants to discover the philosopher’s stone. This stone is known to be a legendary alchemical substance which has the ability to convert base metals into precious metals, such as gold and silver. The stone can also grant eternal life.

She soon embarks on a journey to find the stone and travels to Paris. With the help of her ex-lover, George, and her friend, Benji, who plays the role as the cameraman, and with two other friends she travels underneath the streets of Paris, which is home to countless souls and ghosts. This is where the scary part begins, as all of them start experiencing some weird paranormal activities.

The movie has that interesting horror effect and grabs the attention of the audience, and it also racks up some genuine scares. However, the movie is poorly conceived and sometimes becomes difficult to watch. The camera work is exemplary, as it is a found-footage horror movie, and at some points the constant movements can be disconcerting. Nevertheless, the movie disappoints.

The movie has been gaining mixed reviews. Some find it entertainingly scary while others find it boring. But if you are looking to enjoy a good horror movie with some friends on a Saturday night, then As Above, So Below is definitely worth your consideration. Obviously, it’s not the best in the genre but good enough if you have some time to kill on the weekend.

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