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Kill the Messenger – a Rather Fascinating Thriller Drama

4 years ago by Chris

Kill the Messenger is a recently released American thriller drama film, written by Peter Landesman and directed by Michael Cuesta. The movie has a shocking story that will surely blow your mind away. It is about a reporter whose life is under threat. The film stars Jeremy Renner in the lead who also serves as a producer.

It starts with Garry Webb (Jeremy Renner) who works for the San Jose Mercury News and is running a three-part article series known as the “Dark Alliance”. This article contained information and evidence of an agency that was dealing with drug lords. Soon, the story reaches various news channels and television programs and leads to an all-out manhunt by the authorities.

Therefore, a target is placed on Webb and he now has to defend his own life and cover up for the mistakes he made, both professionally and personally. The story does seem to have rather tricky plotlines, and the audience may feel confused at times. Nevertheless, it doesn’t fail to grab the attention of the audience.

Now, Webb is being threatened again and again and the movie shows from time to time how a simple person’s life can fall into pieces over just a few years. Yet, the movie does seem to disappoint towards the end as the thrilling thrust of the beginning and the middle of the movie was superb, but towards the end the plot seems rather forced.

However, the movie teaches a valuable lesson regarding what people think of a man is secondary to who he really is and what you make of his story. All in all, the efforts of Jeremy Renner will not fail to spread excitement in the audience. Therefore, if you are looking for a thriller drama film, then Kill the Messenger is definitely worth the watch. Given Renner’s popularity as a certain Hawk-Eye, there is little doubt that the movie will set the box office registers jangling.

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