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Exodus: Gods and Kings – a Bloated Mess

4 years ago by Chris

It is no secret that Ridley Scott has lost his powers. Whether it happened after Gladiator, or did he fool critics into praising his movies before that, but one thing is for sure: the guy can’t make a decent movie. The fact that he is almost an octogenarian doesn’t help either and for someone knighted for service to cinema, a card which reads Robin Hood, Prometheus, The Counselor, and now Exodus: Gods and Kings doesn’t seem right. These are the movies he has made in the last four years and if reports are to be believed, he is about to ruin the legacy of Blade Runner by making a sequel to it.

Coming to the movie, this has been a strange year with regards to the religious-themed movies that have been released. While Noah and Son of God emerged successes, it hardly alludes to the quality of the movie. With a $140 million budget, it would be a surprise if Exodus: Gods and Kings manages to break even at the domestic box office. Moreover, this will be a huge dud for Christian Bale, who had been on a hot streak of sorts even after his Batman series wrapped up.

The story has been told many times on celluloid and the fact remains that Cecil B. DeMille did it better than Scott ever can. The cast seems to have realized they were working on a bomb and don’t put in much effort. Not their fault, as Scott spends more time killing horses (digital, of course) and preaching than on actual character development. As a result, the audience doesn’t build a connection with the story and it all remains rather unsatisfying at the end.

This is one disappointing movie, to say the least, but one look at Ridley Scott’s recent track record and you can see Exodus: Gods and Kings is an addition to the list of poorly crafted movies from the once great director.

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