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Selma: a Historic Masterpiece

4 years ago by Chris

With so many entertaining movies flying around, it is hard to find one made with the intent of being a legitimately important film. Selma, from director Ava Duvernay, is one biopic that breaks the shackles of entertainment and takes time out to reflect the world back on the audiences.

The movie follows Martin Luther King Jr. as he embarks on his campaign to Selma, Alabama, in one of the most vital periods in America, the Civil Rights Movement. He brings his supporters to Selma to stand up for the right to vote without any racial bias in a time full of hate and fear, a time where, from the local sheriffs to the President, everyone was fighting against progress. King and his followers stood through all the threats and violence to stand for equality and the movie does justice to the whole sequence.

To boil down the views of the civil rights leader is the genius work of writer Paul Webb. However, David Oyelowo takes the spotlight with a staggering performance of Martin Luther King Jr. The role was, without a doubt, a very complex one to portray, but Oyelowo’s adaption to the role is astoundingly beautiful. Whether mourning the loss of a follower, or making a call to action, Oyelowo’s performance is overwhelming and incredible.

The movie depicts King’s character perfectly and gives the viewers a look at the humanistic side rather than simply focusing on him as a hero. Although the man is no doubt a hero in American and world history, the movie does a fair and powerful job of illustrating his life as a struggle to bring justice for all.

Ava Duvernay deserves plaudits as well for outdoing herself. With the movie’s blend of historic life lessons and sheer brilliant acting, it is evident the movie has been directed with the utmost brilliance easily viewable in every scene throughout the movie.
Given the times we are in and everything that is happening in society, Selma provides a much needed historic lesson that is worth a watch.


Photo credit: Selma movie poster

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