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Unbroken – a Riveting Story of Life’s Struggle

4 years ago by admin

With a few biopics and history induced movies doing rounds in Hollywood lately, Unbroken joins the box office race with Angelina Jolie behind the director’s reins. Unbroken follows the life of Louis Zamperini, a war hero and a famous Olympian, played by Jack O’Connell. Zamperini, along with two crew members survive a fatal plane crash for 47 days in nothing else but a raft. The story progresses as they are caught and sent by Japan’s navy to a pow camp.

The movie begins in 1943, where the protagonist Zamperini spends time as US Air Force personnel bombing his way through the war. The sequence is shown beautifully and is by far the best cinematography experience the movie offers.

The movie looks stunning with a job done perfectly in the cinematography department, even after atrocities hit the audience right in the face. It is no coincidence however, as Jolie hired the best there is in the industry – Roger Deakins. Known for the Shawshank redemption and No country for Old men, Roger Deakin has done a heartwarming job on Unbroken.

The movie flashes back to Zamperini’s childhood as the movie starts to settle and it takes a ride to the time when Zamperini started to channel all his unfocused energy into running. Adapted from the book of the same name, Unbroken, written by Laura Hillenbrand, digs deep into the remarkable life of Louis Zamperini.

The men behind the screenplay are none other than the Coen brothers, Joel and Ethan Coen. The brothers did a tremendous job of transitioning between Zamperini’s war and past life. The transition is beautiful as it shows an uncanny link between his past accomplishments and his relentless will and desire to live once he becomes a prisoner of war in the Japanese camp.

The movie captures the heroism of Louis Zamperini perfectly and the struggles he goes through life. Angelina Jolie proves in only her second outing as a director that she is capable of making it big in the Director’s department. Overall, the movie is brilliant and a must watch if you want inspiration from the people who struggled through the worst in their lives.

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