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“Paddington”: Warm Fuzzy Fun for the Family

4 years ago by Chris

I was worried once I heard that “Paddington” the movie was rated PG (Parental Guidance Required) for language, sexual overtones and light threats despite being a beloved children’s series by Michael Bond. However, once I watched it, I was relieved by the fact that the theatrical release had all the sweet charm of the series via the efforts of the “Framestone” house and Ben Whishaw.

The theatrical release is as warm and fuzzy as snuggling up around a fireplace on a winter morning. It has great sense of British humor which was a refreshing change that was well communicated by the efforts of Peter Cook, the writer, and fashioned by Wes Anderson.

Since the movie is a present-day production, a little background is given on the story where an explorer (Tim Downie) discovers a family of communicable bears who like preserved fruits. In the present, Paddington is collecting fruit with Uncle and Aunt (Michael Gambon and Imelda Staunton) When their home is turned to a ruin by a natural disaster.

This is when Paddington decides to go on a journey destined to reach one of the world’s greatest cities, London. Here, the movie takes a twist towards the sadder when Paddington meets Mr. Gruber (Jim Broadbent), a political refugee who migrated due to the Second World War. All this while, Paddington resides with the lovable “Brown Family” The movie has shown great appreciation for the original concept by remaining true to the era.

The Backdrop
Using Notting Hill as an upscale educated society welcoming all proved enchanting. It showed acceptance for all and a great musical effect from the Cuban Son band Paddington occasionally crosses by. Nichole Kidman joins the cast as a dangerous villain who enjoys stuffing animals.

The Pair
Mr. and Mrs. Brown, played by Hugh Bonneville and Sally Hawkins, are a great joy to watch as they are well-meaning, yet slightly lacking in experience, parents who follow the “raising the child for the first time” experience on screen. They are involved in some serious slapstick comedy as and when required such as to sneak into a library as a cleaning lady to talk to the desk clerk.

The movie is a great box of joy. There is something that everyone will love in Paddington and not just children. So, get your family together. Gather around with some marshmallows and enjoy.

Image: Paddington movie

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