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Love, Rosie: a Cliched Romance

3 years ago by Chris

Director Christian Ditter has delivered a wonderful romantic comedy in the form of Love, Rosie. The movie is based on author Cecelia Ahern’s famous novel entitled ‘Where Rainbows End’. Its cast members include Lily Collins (Rose), Sam Claflin (Alex), Jaime Winstone and Tamsin Egerton.

The story revolves around Alex and Rose, two best friends who know each other since the age of 5. So obviously they are not a perfect match for each other, or are they? The fact is that when it comes to making the right choices, Rose and Alex are their own worst enemies. The story has many awkward moments and missed opportunities that initially may seem unimportant, but go on to change the lives of the main characters. Also, no matter how much Alex and Rose complicate things, the fact is that destiny has a plan for each of them.

Writer Juliette Towhidi has put a beautiful touch on the overall outline of the story. The film is bound to captivate the audience into believing in the concept of true love. A great thing about the plot is that it emphasizes on the simple things of life that any person may go through. Also, many of the sequences actually resemble real life scenarios that common people go through.

There are some downsides to the movie, for example, at times the plot seemed to be stretched and hard to understand, especially when you reach the mid part of the movie. The music score was good but it could have been even better. In the end, the story allows the audience to think about whether or not true love exists.

And if it does then how important it is to take the best advantage of that moment. Besides all the clumsiness that the characters go through, the film emphasizes on the importance of relationships and how the factor of understanding is pivotal for the creation of a healthy and successful relationship. In the end, the director can be deemed as successful in terms of providing a flick that will remain in the minds of moviegoers for some time.

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